Bolton Athletes Step Up

Written by Clayton Daum, Language Teacher, Rugby Coach, Bolton Houseparent

Term one has been a busy one for the Bolton Boy Athletes.  While the sun is still shining and the grass is green we have had many of the boys out on the rugby pitch and soccer field, while others have taken to the waters with the rowing team.   Those who are choosing to wait until term 2 to start their athletic endeavours are still busy in a number of Intramural activities ranging from Indoor Soccer and Basketball to Yoga and Hip Hop dancing.  Many boys are eagerly anticipating the arrival of basketball season and several have already started training on a regular basis with their coaches and on their own.  Still others are out running daily with the cross-country team and several boys are involved in teams and clubs outside of the school.

It is wonderful to watch the boys heading out after classes in their uniforms full of energy and excitement and to see them return with flushed cheeks and big smiles after a game or practice.  The importance of this physical activity cannot be overstated as it provides meaningful opportunity for our young men to stay in good physical shape while learning the importance of team work, selfless play and self-discipline.   We always encourage the boys to try out for teams and to push themselves to be their very best.  This year has been especially rewarding as many of our boys have joined their first SMUS team and our whole house is reaping the rewards of happy, healthy and active young man who are engaged with the school and who feel a true sense of belonging.

While the year is still young and many teams have just started playing there have been some great highlights already.  John T and Max were members of the rowing 8 in their first regatta of the year (suitably dubbed “Crabfest”) that resulted in them running into another boat!  No one got wet, but it made for some good entertainment!  The grade 9 rugby team played a very strong and very large St. George’s team last week and performed admirably as a team.  Dimitri, Hugh, Johnny, Timmy, Ted and Artem represented Bolton House with pride.  The remaining two grade 9 boys were not idle either with Jerry scoring two goals in his soccer game with his club team and Mehrab defying all odds and getting up to swim before classes during the week!

Not to be outdone our Grade 8 boys are also representing the house with pride, Santiago and Jose on the rugby field and Eugenio on the soccer pitch.  Both teams have been winning since the season started and we are very pleased with their level of commitment.  Jacky H and Jack Z are training regularly in anticipation of the upcoming basketball season and can often be seen passing their basketball as they walk along to class.

The older students have spread themselves among the various sports on offer.  In grade 10, Diego is playing U-17 rugby with the Castaway Wanderers Rugby Club and scored a try in their victory this weekend.  John T, Anderson and Max are all rowing for the first time and have been very busy getting into shape.  Rain Y has been joining Mehrab on his early morning swims while the rest of the boys are busy in the evening with their intramural activities.  Matthew L, Christopher, Johnson, Michael, Jee, Alex and Eric are all looking forward to term 3 and the Badminton team awhile Brian and Marco are showing their moves in the Hip Hop dance world and are looking ahead to the squash season.

The senior boys’ soccer teams are well represented by Bolton house with David B, William, Zikun, Fernando, Wilfred, Matt S, Clarence and Mark playing.  Richard joins the ranks of new rowers while Ryley continues his dominance of the sport.  Danny is busy training for the upcoming basketball season while Gabe can be seen running daily as he trains for the cross country races.  Dawit is busy playing rugby with the CW U-19 team and training for basketball while brothers, Jeffrey and Vincent, and our new grade 12 student, Prince, look forward to their turn on the court with the Badminton season in term 3.

Stefan has taken on the newly established Sailing team and is on the water rigging sails and learning the ropes in preparation for his first race.

Many of our boys are multi-sport athletes which requires an immense amount of self-discipline and effort as they are always busy with their academic work, house duties and, of course, being social with their peers.  All of our boys should be commended for their efforts and contributions to the school and we are very proud of all of them.  For a full listing of teams and schedules please visit here.

Thank you to all our athletes for their time, energy and commitment, the school would not be the same without you!

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