Dodgeball Housegames

Witten by Chris Bateman, Senior Houseparent

Bolton is holding its own in house-games! Our most recent match against the other two boys’ houses was close. Dodgeball is a fast-moving game and there is little room for error. We managed to hold a second place position in both the Junior and Senior divisions while Harvey and Barnacle swapped first and third places over the two divisions. This created the agreeable position of status-quo. Bolton holds its overall (narrow) first place position as we move into 2013!

Junior Dodgeball

Harvey 30

Bolton 20

Barnacle 10

Senior Dodgeball

Barnacle 30

Bolton 20

Harvey 10

House Cup Standings

Bolton 120

Barnacle 110

Harvey 70

Aside from the competition I was very impressed by the boys’ good sportsmanship on the court. As I said in a recent house meeting, Bolton is truly a house of gentlemen this year.

After the games we had a nice community dinner.

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