The Spirit of Giving

By Mr. Daum, Bolton Houseparent

This past weekend saw almost every Bolton boy out of the house and volunteering.  Each boy made the decision to offer up their time and hard work as a way to help make the Holidays brighter for others.  On Saturday boys went in two waves to help the Victoria Extreme Outreach Society collect, sort and fill Christmas stocking for children and families in need.  They spent several hours as Santa’s little helpers, elf hats and all, going through the thousands of donations made by local elementary and middle schools.  Each stocking was carefully filled with an assortment of hand selected items including books, school supplies, toiletries, toys, games and tasty treats.  In the end there were over a thousand stockings filled and ready to go and the boys returned to Bolton, chilly, but filled with Christmas cheer.

Those who did not attend the service activity on Saturday were given the opportunity to do something else on Sunday.  Unfortunately the weather did not cooperate and the brave souls who went to pull invasive species and beautify a local park returned home sodden, cold and a little dirtier than when they left.  Despite the inclement weather they worked hard and removed an enormous amount of scotch broom and other non-native plants that were slowly ruining the park.  David, Richard and José were all exceptionally hard-working and lead the house proudly, while the other boys worked steadily behind them.  Mr. Guzek was very proud of the boys for their tireless work and their willingness to get out of their comfort zone and take chances.  While this activity was not as Christmas oriented as the Saturday activity, the idea of giving and of sacrifice was strong and in the end it is not the specific task that matters, but rather the spirit of the season.  All our boys should be proud of their hard work and we know that Bolton House is stronger and happier as a result of their work.  As they sat around the common room sipping their hot cocoa there was a glow on their faces a satisfied sense of a job well done.


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