Sun is Still Shining!

The weather has been amazing and everyone has been out enjoying it in different ways. Bolton has quite a few guys playing for the various Junior and Senior Soccer teams. Results have been varied, but there have been consistent smiles all around!

The dining hall of the Sun Centre was shining for our Boarding Community Thanksgiving Dinner. The Bolton Brothers were all looking very sharp in their number ones and a few turkey eating contests certainly added to the fun of the evening.

SMUS hosted the Cops for Cancer cycling team and students showed their support through a head shave and leg wax event to raise money for cancer research. Bolton’s own Will Barry was emceeing the day and several of the boys took part in the hair removal hilarity.

The last two weeks have been a great opportunity to get advisee groups together for some serious nacho making and demolishing! There were various styles of nacho construction. Some went for a ‘single quad’ – one tray with four layers while others opted for the ‘double double’ – two trays with two layers each. What ever style you subscribe to, cheese was the key ingredient and there was lots of it! Thanks to Mr. Daum for doing all the shopping!

Saturday brought another series of Saturday Activities for the boys and many opted for some board games in the students commons area of the Sun Centre.

A few others decided to attend a service activity where they were promoting and collecting donations of toilet paper for the local food back called The Mustard Seed.

The corn maze was also on offer and how about those stalks! Thankfully nobody got too lost and apparently it was easy enough to slip through the stalks to safety!

Saturday night there were several studiers sitting in the sunny foyer being drenched by the setting sun. Stunning!


Looks like the forecast holds more sun, so we’ll keep the sunglasses out for at least another week!


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