Penultimate House Games!

And Bolton rises to the top once more!! A beautiful sunny Sunday saw the Bolton boys working hard on the filed and in the chapel to regain their lead in the House Cup standings with only one house games left! Bolton’s very own Mr. Fryer took center stage as one of the hosts for The Family Feud event.  What a shirt!


The junior boys won the ultimate Frisbee with two exciting wins.  Adam L and Xavier were vocal leaders with a good arm supported by some great teamwork by the other juniors. Diego caught the winning throw to ensure the first place finish!

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The Family Feud event was very entertaining as teams went head to head in a SMUS version of the classic TV game show.  Our eclectic team was the perfect combination to ensure a 1st place finish with total dominance over the other houses. Here is the winning team shortly after their victory.


The Senior Boys finished second after two close games and were dripping in sweat and panting as the final whistle blew.  Full credit to them for being so competitive against two very athletic teams.


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And finally, the Kickball team lead by coach/players Logan and Justin made short work of the competition in the first game with some stellar defence by Nghia, Jesus and Frank and some offensive trickery by Pine, Dat and Said. The second game proved more challenging, but the boys proudly came away with a solid second place.  Here they are in action.


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The Easter long weekend fast approaches and then summer is just around the corner, but there is so much to look forward to between now and then!  Check in next week for some highlights from the grade 11 Leadership retreat and a busy week of school activities.

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