Sunny, Sunny Days

The weather forecast was for “an atmospheric river” this weekend, but as you can see from all the photos below, Saturday was anything but! We had boys out and about all over the place including Witty’s Lagoon with some awesome fall colours…

… others were out playing soccer all morning with Mr. Kim…

Mr. Kim’s body cam… try not to get motion sickness!
Harun off the post!!

… and still others went on a bit of ride to visit a new attraction on the Malahat highway called “Skywalk” ( and took in some amazing views and even more amazing slide rides.

This was also a very exciting day as Oscar managed to arrive to morning check-in early with the help of Chris. Here they are celebrating this monumental occasion with a firm handshake.

Just in case the weather does turn bad, the boys have also been honing their indoor soccer skills and a new challenge ladder has been established with Harun as the current reigning #1 player.

We were supposed to have housegames this Sunday, but given the forecast and the fact that this is the final week of Term 1 with a lot of assessments each day, it was decided that we would postpone until next week. As a result, Louis and Adam L were able to play in a Castaway Wanderer game down at MacDonald Park. Along with several other SMUS boarders and day students who are also playing, this extra training bodes well for a rewarding rugby season in the spring.

Louis and Adam with Mr. Danskin just before kickoff

Ai and Teigan were also busy with their rugby development working on some line outs in preparation for their game against Shawnigan Lake.

That’s better!

And both soccer teams were in action on Tuesday, Noah, Marcus and Jero helped in a 2-1 win for the juniors while Harun, LeRoy, Louis, Subaig and fought hard but came up short against a very good St. Andrews team.

As mentioned, this is the last week of term 1 so the boys will need to be focused and ensure that they are taking care of themselves with adequate sleep, good food and lots of water. We look forward to a relaxing and fun weekend between terms and are keen to see the Bolton Boys battle it out for some House Cup points.

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