Head Shaves, Halloween Prep and a “Hole” Lot of Fun!

Hi everyone! It has been a busy week here at SMUS, with lots of school and boarding events on the go. The weather has also started to turn here in Victoria, with temperatures dropping rapidly and the rain starting to show itself..! Nevertheless, our Bolton Penguins took to the streets all week and made tons of memories throughout.

On Monday, the Senior School teachers prepared some delicious chili for the students! Although it was not meant to be a competition, it is probably fair to say that there was some “friendly” competition brewing amongst the departments 😂

The Penguins were also busy academically this week, with labs and presentations on the agenda for much of the week.

Bolton was busy on the athletics front as well, with the soccer season quickly approaching its climax. The senior boys team head into Islands season, with a few remaining league games that will be crucial in helping them book a spot in the tournament.

The Grade 9 rugby team had an exciting week as well, with the crew hosting a St. Georges side after school in beautiful sunny conditions. Several Penguins suited up to prevail over the Vancouver side by a margin of two tries. Declan scored a highlight reel try by running over half of the field..!

Both the junior and senior volleyball teams competed in their respective leagues this week, with exciting action being offered up on the court several days in a row.

Tommy shows off his shiny new medal!

On Thursday night, everyone in the house walked down to a local institution, McRae’s, for a group dinner. We filled the place and had a great time!

Saturday activities were a big hit this weekend, with our house taking part in exciting adventures like croquet, an aquarium adventure, and even a haunted house mini golf extravaganza!

On Sunday afternoon, our very own Savo and Alex from Barnacle suited up for Westshore Rugby Club against CW Rugby Club. Both of them played well, and both were able to enjoy a very well-deserved hot dog after the game!

We now look ahead to the first week of Term 1, before we ramp up to Halloween next Monday. Stay tuned for updates on all of the fun events happening next week, and until then, adios!

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