Happy Lunar New Year!

Happy Lunar New Year to all of you around the world! In Bolton House, today marks the first day of the new year celebrations. Throughout the last week and heading into this week, there will be many events organized by students at our school and we can’t wait to participate in some more festive food, hear musical performances, and have conversations with each other about our different cultures and families back home.

Yesterday, some Bolton students joined Mr. Young for Dim Sum at Chinatown’s Golden City Restaurant. It looked like a great time was had by all!

Marcus played a beautiful song on his Erhu in Chapel last week! Check out the video of his performance below.

Marcus Playing his Erhu in Chapel

Of course, nothing is more important than spending time with each other on special days of the year. A big group of Bolton students went down to the arcade in Downtown Victoria and it looked like they had a blast playing all of the vintage games!

Mr. Anderson (Director of the Senior School) stopped into Bolton this week while the Bolton House Parents had a boarding meeting. It was awesome to have him step into the house parent role for a few hours (as a past house parent himself he was up to the job!). He gave some support during prep and even handed out a few room clean awards called the “Anderson Accolades” for the cleanest room. Guillermo and Ian were thrilled to be awarded the grand prize.

Lucas and Kenneth have both been studying hard and are in the process of getting their “L” Drivers License here in British Columbia. Pretty awesome to now have them as drivers on the road once the paperwork becomes official! Congrats to both of them!

Speaking of outside-of-school commitments, Seb and Harun should be commended for playing soccer in the community each weekend for Bays United. They lost their game this morning 2-1, but were still smiles when coming back to Bolton House!

Stay tuned for some more Lunar New Years photos in the blog next week! Until then, we hope you have a wonderful week.

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