Brains, Brawn and Bolton

It was another busy week for the boys of Bolton House as they learned about, strengthened, manipulated and challenged their brains during the annual Brain Awareness Week. From the delicious brain-smart BBQ on Friday to the presentation by Lynn Lyons on Monday, there was a wealth of information presented, discussed and utilized. John competed with his peers against 7 other teams of students and teachers, including Houseparent Mr. Daum, in a ferociously fought trivia challenge in the annual Brain Bowl.

David was a member of the Health and Wellness presentation in the Senior and Middle School chapels that had students practise some simple meditation techniques.

Early in the week we saw Pavlov’s Classical Conditioning in action. At the end of Prep, Mr. Bateman only needed to send out one text: “Hot Pizza!” The immediate thunder of footsteps down the stairs was amazing and Matthew even raised their arms in praise!

Brain Week also brought a face back from Bolton’s past. Dr. Bech Saab, who was a Bolton Boy back in the early 1990s, came to talk about the brain research he conducts at his own lab at the University of Zurich. He spoke to many classes and was a true inspiration. His other claim to fame was that in grade 9 he brought the penguin to the house which became our mascot ever since! He left proudly holding his new Bolton Pin!

And finally, some much deserved stress relief was provided on Wednesday at lunch when the school was infested with cute and cuddly dogs of all sorts and sizes.  Mr. Bateman’s daughter and Mr. Daum’s son also got in on the action.

Many of the boys were on the rugby pitch and tennis court, some were on the water rowing and other still were at the University for a variety of Track and Field events. It is fantastic to see so many of our boys engaged and active. For those whose athletic passions lie elsewhere, Spring League Basketball has started and the third term intramurals are also up and running with everything from yoga to rock climbing.

Tuesday night had a special musical presentation of the Cross Campus Strings concert at UVic. It is wonderful to see our boys as such Renaissance men!

This Saturday provided an opportunity for the boys to participate in some very fun activities including, rock climbing, mini golf, art galleries, the petting zoo and a ghostly walk through the haunted streets of Victoria.

This weekend was almost like summer with student studying, socializing and otherwise enjoying the absolutely beautiful weather!

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