Bolton Flys to the Top!

It was with great excitement that the standings of the House Cup challenge were revealed earlier this week.  Bolton House had once more regained its rightful place atop the standings! A big congratulations to all the boys for their skill, sportsmanship, teamwork and positive attitudes as they participated in the first House Games of the year.

It started with Stanley trying to get some extra points with his accurate serving…

…and lead into an intense 12 round, multi game series of badminton games in which Bolton emerged the winner in the seniors, thanks in part to a desperation last second serve by Garry that resulted in a tie and an extra half point for the win!  The juniors fought valiantly to a second place finish with several of the boys participating in their first ever game of badminton!

Meanwhile, two teams were using their brains and their teamwork skills to solve two challenges.  Needless to say, the boys were successful in both feats and were the first to be done!


In the end it was the perfect start to the year for Bolton House and we look forward to more of the same in the coming weeks as our next House Games are on February 3rd!

A New Year Cleanse and More!


The boys are back in town! It is great to have the house full again after what sounded like an enjoyable holiday break for many. There were lots of enviable trips to hear about and it sounds like everyone is recharged and ready to bear down for the remainder of Term 2.

Below are a few miscellaneous items to share from before the break. Laurent showed off some magic to his homeroom peers. Mr. Shaw looks like he is preparing his surprised face knowing that Laurent has developed quite a significant talent in the art of magic.


Biology 12 students were studying anatomy and created anatomically correct gingerbread men to help get into the holiday spirit!


Gr. 10 students designed and built mousetrap cars in physics class and raced them to glory. Events included, distance, speed, and an obstacle challenge!


This past Friday night may have seen the start of a new trend. Misha spearheaded some pizza making and Garry was quick to help out with the cooking. The pizzas were all made from scratch, then hand tossed was shared with other Bolton and Timmis students. The boys are currently coming up for a name for their cooking night and are going to try making something different each weekend. It sounds like fried chicken may be next on the menu!


Yesterday saw the third annual Bolton House Penguin Swim. The event is a spin off of the well known traditional Polar Bear Swim that is known as a way to cleanse the body at the start of a new year. Bolton adopted the Penguin Swim as a wonderful way for the Bolton Brothers to bond after the break and show some strength of will. This year saw four intrepid brothers, Will, Toby, Javier, and Antonio, who were able to outlast all others. This year also saw the highest number of participants to date and the most amount of guys going in past their waist; several were even seen having a casual little swim! Well done boys!

The Arrival:


The preparation:


The Moment of Truth:

The aftermath:

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The Winners:

Some Final Thoughts:

Happy Holidays

Just a quick final post to wish all of the Bolton Boys a very restful and happy holiday season.  As they travel home or to other exotic destinations, we hope they have safe travels, lots of good sleep-ins, tons of delicious food and some time to reflect back on what was by all accounts a tremendous start to the year.  We are excited to have them back for the first day of classes on January 7th and look forward to another six months of academic, athletic, artistic and social successes.


To finish off our updates, here are some photos form the final Christmas assembly.  The video does not do justice to the enthusiasm of every student in the gym when it came time to sing the “12 Days of Christmas”, but at least it helps explain some of the distorted faces from a couple of the pictures.  Believe it or not, they were having fun and not screaming in part of some violent protest!

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One special stand out deserving of his own section was Xavier who performed as one of the Three Kings. His solo was spectacular and fully deserving of the cheer that followed, as you can see in the video.  We hope to see more of him on the stage in the coming years!


Thank you to all the parents for your support and trust in allowing us to work and live with your sons, it is an honor.  To the Bolton Boys, enjoy the break, get lots of rest and come back ready to prove your honor by jumping into the ocean on January 12th!!

The Final Week

As we head into the last few days of school, there is a lot to be thankful for – we have had an exciting year so far and it has been truly wonderful getting to know the new boys from around the World, and welcoming them to SMUS and our Bolton Family. With the enthusiasm of the returning Bolton students, we have really accomplished a lot this year!

However, there are still a few days left of school that include: chapter tests, Christmas hampers, the Shergold Pancake Breakfast, as well as the All-School Christmas Assembly.

Here are some shots from some of the different Christmas celebrations around Bolton and Timmis in the last week. Our students organized a Secret Santa event in our brand new Student Commons Area, and it was such a success – and the baking was also very tasty!

In the midst of all the Christmas Action, a few of our boys (and Timmis Houseparent and coach Mr. Robinson) led the U18 rugby team to a Provincial Victory on Saturday Afternoon. Toby even scored a very important try to contribute to the winning result. Although Jack and Garrett were injured, they helped the team get to the final. Well done boys!

Thanks to all Bolton Boys and Houseparents for a wonderful 2018! We hope everyone has a chance over the Winter Break to spend some quality time with their friends and family, and we look forward to welcoming them all back in 2019!

From all of us here in Bolton, Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!!

Christmas Fever Begins

By Mr. Shaw

The stress levels have dropped in the house since the release of report cards and the guys are anticipating the Christmas break.

The senior boys volleyball team returned from Provincials with an 11th place finish overall. Joel said the trip was a lot of fun. It was the first time the boys have made it to the Provincial Tournament and we were very excited to be there.

Interview with Neme

Mr. Shaw – How is your year so far?

Neme – Good! Everything is going really well for me.

Mr. Shaw – How do you like living in Bolton House

Neme – I love the atmosphere. It is very comfortable here. Mostly because of the great Houseparents.

Mr. Shaw – What has been the highlight of the year so far?

Neme – My grades because I have been studying more. I also scored three goals in soccer this year.

Mr. Shaw – What do you enjoy the most about living in Victoria

Neme – Probably the food. The Keg is my favourite restaurant.

Mr. Shaw – Are you excited for the Holiday?

Neme – Yes, I am! I’m going to Mexico and to Whistler

Mr. Shaw – What are your goals for the New Year

Neme – Get accepted to University first. I would also like to start working for my dad.

Mr. Shaw – What will your focus be in University

Neme – Engineering if my grades are good enough

Mr. Shaw – Why are you interested in engineering?

Neme – I like it. I’m not sure what I want to do yet, but I would like to own my own business.

Mr. Shaw – If you could meet a celebrity who would it be?

Neme – Bill Gates because he is rich and a smart business man. I would like him to give me some business tips.

Interview with Jesus

Mr. Shaw – What do you like most about living in Bolton House

Jesus – The people! The atmosphere is really good.

Mr. Shaw – How was your first term overall?

Jesus – It was really good. My highlight was making several really good saves during the soccer season.

Mr. Shaw – What do you enjoy most about living in Victoria?

Jesus – It is very clean and there is no pollution here.

Mr. Shaw – Are you excited for the break?

Jesus – I’m going back to Mexico to spend time with my friends and family.

Mr. Shaw – What is your favourite class this year?

Jesus – Math because that was my best grade.

Mr. Shaw – What are your goals for the new year?

Jesus – Improve my grades

Mr. Shaw – If you could be one type of food what would it be and why?

Jesus – Pizza because the box is square, the pizza is round, and the slices are triangles.

Last night, was the annual Christmas Gala and the boys looked fantastic in their formal wear! Mr. Fryer commented that all of the boys looked SO GOOD. It was a fun night of food, friends, fun, dancing and Santa. We don’t think any Bolton Boys will be on his naughty list this year.




Bolton Creates Community

This week marks the end of the first (and longest) term of the school year. As Term 1 draws to a close, students are recovering from University applications, important tests, and provincial athletic championships.

Bolton House was also in charge of the latest community dinner, and decided upon the theme of “Comfort” to celebrate the community we live in and de-stress from a long term. Some of our Bolton boys led meditation for the entire boarding population and even prepared a menu at our fantastic new dining hall (it was very tasty)! Here are some photos from the dinner:

We also competed hard in House Games and are currently in second place behind Barnacle House – but we are very close and the year is still young!

And we also celebrated Patt’s birthday this weekend! Here are some pictures from his celebration:

Even with all of the time spent on academics, some of our students even had time to volunteer at Farmer Jim’s, helping him prepare his gardens with much needed soil. It is encouraged that all of our Bolton boys take part in service initiatives throughout the year. Here are some pictures from the work they did:

This week, we have many activities including our SMUS Christmas Gala, hosted by the Parent’s Auxiliary at the Crystal Gardens in downtown Victoria. Families are welcome to attend this formal event, which will see our boarding students and day families come together for a wonderful buffet dinner, auction, and dance. We are very much looking forward to seeing our Bolton Boys in their very best suits! We’ll share some pictures from the event next week.

Wishing everybody the best as we move into December!

Odds & Sods

Mike Walsh, a former SMUS rugby coach, used to split players into teams at the start of practice by saying, “blues vs odds and sods”. It was never an honour to be on the odds & sods team because it meant you forgot your practice jersey! As a blog title, it refers to the series of random events contained in this post.

In the spirit of remembering people who have graced our school, during the school’s annual Remembrance Day assembly, we honored those who served Canada by fighting and giving their lives in various wars. As part of the assembly, the name of each school alumnus and staff member who lost their life in WWI or WWII is read out, the senior school orchestra plays, the senior school drama troupe performs, and the middle school choir students sing. It is a somber occasion full of emotion and reflective thought, and considered to be one of the most impactful assemblies of the year.

Remembrance Day is also a stat holiday in BC and marks a four-day long weekend for the school. We all part ways after the assembly and many students head home or are placed in homestays throughout the community, while others flew down to Disneyland for what is now a bit of a standard trip.

Each week there is one chapel service and one assembly, and this week showed a host of Bolton Boys taking the mic in various form and highlights.

Saturday activities were also on the docket again this weekend. I was up at UVic doing a spin class with some students, including fellow Bolton boy, Finn. We happened to walk by the squash courts at just the right time to see Stanley win his squash game!

photo (4)

There were several other activities including helping out at a local community kitchen, bowling, an Imax movie, and nacho making!

After each long weekend or major holiday, there is a Sunday of boarding house games, community dinner, and a chapel service. This weekend’s house games are a combination of basketball, handball, and minute-to-win-it games. The basketball crew hit the school courts to get a little practice in prior to tomorrow’s games. 

Tomorrow’s community dinner is hosted by Bolton! The boys have identified that this time of year can be particularly stressful knowing that report cards will be coming out soon. As such, the planning committee (below), headed up by Mr. Fryer, have opted for a relaxation type theme where students can wear whatever they find cozy to dinner.

Tomorrow is a huge day! Stay tuned for some exciting photos and thrilling results!