Happy Summer and Goodbye

It is with heavy hearts, but also great excitement that we say goodbye to the grads of 2019. They have made us laugh and made us cry, but have always been Bolton Boys. We wish them all the best as they set out to their respective Universities and look forward to hearing from them and all of their adventures in the coming years. Bolton’s doors will always be open.  Congratulations and good luck boys, make us proud and keep the honour of Bolton strong.

Grad Group 2019

For those of you coming back in September we eagerly await your return and look forward to another great year. Safe travels and enjoy a well deserved summer break.

The Final Countdown

We are almost there! In fact, two of the Bolton Boys have already departed for Summer Break – we wish Adam L. and Javier safe travels home!

Exams are just around the corner for our Grade 11 and 12 students, so they have been busy preparing for those with tutoring sessions, extended prep times, and meetings with teachers.

Our Grade 9 students have also been busy working on their Applied Design Skills & Technology projects, and our Grade 10 students have been working in Cohort groups around campus and around British Columbia.

School Grounds

You can see above, Garret working hard to sell Coffee on campus. Not only did the sell the coffee, but that actually roasted the coffee themselves, right from scratch! A pretty impressive skill to have.

Sewing 1

Here, Kevin is working on his sewing and clothing design skills for his pursuit trip. I talked to the Expedition Leader, and apparently Kevin is very, very skilled!

There was also some time committed to playing spikeball, which has been mentioned before as the new cool game to play on campus here at SMUS. Here are a few more pics of some Bolton Boys in action:

Since the end of the year is near, we have lots of different closing ceremonies at the school.

First up was the Boarding Closing Chapel. This was the last time we would get together as a group. Joel from our house even performed, “Just the Way you Are” by Billy Joel. Here it is:

After that, we had the Grade 9-11 Closing Ceremonies. The year closed out with some celebrations of various achievements including math and science awards, recognition in Athletics, as well as the Major Awards. Of course, no gathering is complete without some music. This was the first public performance of the SMUS R&B Band at assembly. Pretty cool!

R&B Band

Then, we gathered as Bolton House as a group and celebrated the year, like only High School boys do – with Pizza and Chicken. It was a great evening and there were speeches for every Graduating Boy as well as speeches for all of those not returning next year to Bolton. There were tears and laughs and it was a really beautiful evening. Here are some shots from the speeches:

A few of the boys were recognized for the three Bolton Awards as well.

First up, was The Cameron Award for Brotherhood. This award is named for Rob and Eva Cameron who, through their welcoming, familiar approach, brought boys from all five grades together under one roof when Bolton House first formed. It is granted to the boy who is most instrumental in uniting the diverse members of the house.

Antonio, our Head of House, was granted this award this year.

Second, was The Robert Common Award for Honour. This award is named for Robert Common, who personally modeled the behaviour that he expected of others and upheld the highest standards for Bolton House. It is granted to the boy who has similarly upheld high standards for himself and others.

Tung was the recipient of this award.

Finally, there was The Shergold Award for Strength. This award is named for Stephanie, Chuck, and Wendy Shergold, who endured great difficulty and tragedy but carried on in support of Bolton House, thinking consistently about others before themselves. It is granted to the boy who has shown strength of character in the face of adversity.

This year, Garry was the award winner.

Here is a picture of all three award winners with Mr. Daum.

Bolton Awards 2

With only one week to go until Graduation, this is quite an emotional time for Grade 12’s. They are currently distracted with exams, but soon, this will shift to celebration. Celebration of some amazing years at SMUS. Celebration of some great contributions to the Boarding Community. And celebration of a significant contribution to Bolton House. They will definitely be missed.


Busy, Busy, Busy!


Housegames were two weeks ago, but it took a while to get the photos ready as we were too busy celebrating our third House Cup Championship in a row. So here are some more shots from the day.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We also have some great shots of the boys celebrating after they were announced as winners of the cup.


Here are the leaders of the house with the trophy.  Logan and Jack have some big shoes to fill!


Garry and Laurent also won an award at the Smoscars. Garry for “Most Likely To Return as a Houseparent” and Laurent for “The Glass Jaguar Award for strangest injury” with his dislocated hip!

This week on Tuesday the Middle School hosted their very popular French Food Truck in the quad. This event sees the grade 8 students prepare, advertise and sell various food and drinks, all while speaking in French.  All four of our grade 8 Bolton boys were involved with Nokia, Diego and Seb selling some delicious Croque Monsieurs and Luciano working at the very popular burger station.  It was a beautiful day and business was brisk, even Mr. Daum couldn’t resist a few treats.


The annual Athletics Banquet was held Wednesday evening and Bolton was very well represented. We had boys on almost every senior “A” team this year including, soccer, rugby, basketball, tennis, track and field, badminton, squash, and sailing. Stanley and Joel both won a major award being selected by their respective teammates as the best team player and best example of what it means to be a student athlete, well done boys!


Friday was a busy day with the annual Walk for water event back in action with the watermelon eating competition which Joel and Toby participated in.  Toby came out victorious with some superior eating technique.


And here is the action live!

Friday night was also busy with an open mic session in the Sun Center.  Will read some of his poetry and Laurent sang and performed some magic.


Finally, today was the Bolton Timmis BBQ which is always a good time.  We had hot dogs and snacks, a variety of field sports and of course, the slip n’ slide was a big hit with everyone!

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We are down to our final three days of classes next week and then exams begin as the grade 10 group heads out on their final experiential trips.  Our first boys will start leaving next weekend and so the packing and cleaning has begun.  It has been a tremendous year and we look forward to saying goodbye in a more formal way this Tuesday night with the final boarders chapel and our farewell speeches.  Stay tuned for one more update next week.

Can we call it the ‘home stretch’?

After a beautiful month of May, June has officially arrived. AP exams are now over, SATs are a thing of the past, for some, and final exams are looming for others. Although the month of June has recently been known as “Junuary”, thanks to its January-esque weather patterns, we started off with a beautiful weekend. Many students ventured down to a local fair called the Oak Bay Tea Party. It’s an annual summer event that occurs on the first weekend of June and offers a chance for rides, games, and deep fried oreos!

We can’t ignore a whirlwind of events that provided all sorts of excitement to cap off May. Our Junior and Senior Boys Rugby Teams qualified for the provincial championships in Abbotsford. Each team fought hard and we ended up with a pair of silver medals. It was a tremendous effort and plenty of fun was had on and off the field.

‘Twas the season for provincials and the Tennis Team was in Vancouver for their tournament. Collingwood has been the reigning provincial champs for the past 12 years and the SMUS team was runner up last year. Needless to say there was a lot of hype and excitement when the team departed, and even more raucous when they came back victorious!


Speaking of victories, Bolton has been the House Cup Champions for the past two years, and heading into our final inter-house competition, it was a tight race. The boys were fired up for “House Olympics” last weekend, which was followed up by the official announcement of this year’s House Cup Champion at the annual ‘Smoscars’ banquet. While sitting on the edge of our seats, Mr. Driscoll confirmed it was a three-peat! Bolton were the champions again! If I had a nickel for every time one of the boys said “Let’s go” after the announcement, I would be a wealthy man! With the nerves settled and smiles all around, it was now time to feast, and Ryan Ho proved he is a contender for top eater in the house!

The middle of the week also brought some fun in the sun. The Modern Languages Department hosted a snacks and dancing event in the quad, called “Mod Squad in the Quad” and it was extremely well attended by the student body. Mr. Daum was particularly pleased about making a roommate pairing of Xavier and Toby, who showed off some serious skills during the dance class!



May Moments

Every came back onto the SMUS campus feeling relaxed after the May Long Weekend. With AP Exams done, our Grade 12’s are now more focused on Graduation on their futures, which are both right around the corner.

Bolton Boys 2Bolton Boys 1

Sports are wrapping up, and we had some good action on the rugby field. Here is a photo of Diego with Mr. Danskin.

Rugby 1.jpg

Unfortunately, sometimes sports come with injuries. Grade 12 student Laurent was playing rugby last week, when he was tackled and landed poorly on the ground. He dislocated his hip and had to go to the hospital. However, he was in good spirits – especially when he got his pizza!

Hospital 1Hospital 2

Tomorrow evening, we will host the SMOscars event at our school, which is our end of the year Boarding Celebration that follows our Final House Games. Bolton House is currently in the lead in front of Harvey and Barnacle and they will be fighting hard tomorrow to “keep the cup”. Hopefully we can raise the trophy high once again at the SMOscars tomorrow night. Here are some pics from the set-up of the event that took place this morning. Lots of Bolton Boys volunteered to help out!

Also today, I (Mr. Fryer) organized an activity for outdoor volleyball on the SMUS field because the weather has been so nice recently. However, it started pouring rain! That didn’t stop us though, and we went out onto the SMUS field anyways. It was so much fun. Here are some pictures (notice some boys in their swim trunks!):

Since it is nearing the end of the year, our school has also been busy with Leadership Elections for our Grade 11 Students. Jack from our house was successful as a School Prefect for next year, and Logan was voted in as the Bolton Head of House. Here are a few photos from speeches made (including Logan’s first Head of House speech):

Jesus Speech 1Logan Speech

I thought it would be a perfect time to sit down with our outgoing Head of House, Antonio for an interview. Here it is – I hope you enjoy!

Mr. Fryer: Hi Antonio, thank you so much for agreeing to sit down with me this afternoon. You have had quite a successful year as Head of House in Bolton. Can you tell me about one of your favourite moments?

Antonio: One of my favourite moments in Bolton House was the Penguin Swim. In Grade 8, I didn’t really like it too much as I thought it was quite strange and different from what we would do for a tradition in China – why would someone want to jump into cold water?? This was my first impression of the swim, and I remember in Grade 8 only dipping my toe, while everyone else was swimming. But then, gradually, after getting to know the Bolton brothers better and blending into the community, I now see it as more of a challenge and experience than something that would make me sick. So, every year, I got a bit more committed to this activity and tradition, moving from dipping my toes, to going to my knees, and then full-out swimming this year in Grade 12. I even tried to stay as long as possible in the water. I heard from other Bolton boys that this was also a favourite moment of them, so this is definitely a highlight for me. It is really neat that I am now the person encouraging those Grade 8’s to take a chance and do more than dip their toes in the water.

Mr. Fryer: Wow! Thanks for that response Antonio – it is a very Canadian thing to do, to swim in the ocean! I love how your story is quite symbolic as well, about taking risks and supporting each other in Bolton House. Very cool. You have exactly one month left of school, Antonio. How are you feeling as the end of the school year approaches?

Antonio: It feels very different. My first formal graduation is around the corner, and I am going to University. I have heard about the freedom ahead, and the choices I need to make, including the discipline I want to study. I am excited for this, but it is also quite nerve-wracking. It is hard to leave the friends I have here at SMUS and try to make new ones in a new place and new community. Of course, I want to remain connected with the Bolton Boys after graduation. I think we have such a strong community that we will stay in touch.

Mr. Fryer: Yes, after 5 years it must be crazy to have graduation in only a few more weeks. Where are you planning on going to school?

Antonio: I am going to UBC for their Business and Computer Science combined major. I actually had quite a hard time selecting from all of the undergraduate options around North America. I am looking forward to the cross-discipline approach of my program. To be honest, this is what I have been working on in Bolton House and here at SMUS – bringing together different perspectives and experiences to reach common goals. I look forward to learning about these two different domains at university and apply different thinking techniques to solve problems in the Real World.

Mr. Fryer: Exciting! It is so good to hear that you will be close to SMUS as well – you will only be a ferry ride away so you will have to come and visit! As you know, Logan in Grade 11 has just been voted in as Head of House for Bolton for the 2019-2020 school year. Do you have any advice for him based on your experience in this role?

Antonio: I think Logan is very ambitious and already a distinct leader in the house. I think it is just trying not to take on too much and put too much pressure on himself. Sharing responsibilities will be important. It is okay to make mistakes and you should feel okay to ask others for help. If you feel down about anything, or any decisions, there is the support of house parents and all of the other Grade 12 students to support you. I believe Logan is really capable and will have a great year with the boys.

Mr. Fryer: Good advice Antonio. I know you still have a few more weeks as current Head of House, but is there anything else you want to reflect on before you leave?

Antonio: I think Bolton House is one of the best houses in boarding because we have a very embracing community. Everyone knows each other, not on the surface, but deeply. We celebrate every birthday, and it is easy to lead and to serve in this community. People have great respect for each other. I hope in the next month that I can spend lots of time with the Bolton boys and have a great goodbye.

Mr. Fryer: You have done a wonderful job this year, Antonio. In particular, the way you interact with the individual boys in the house is admirable. You should be very proud and we will definitely miss you next year!


Feels Like Summer!

We are coming to the tail end of an amazing May heat wave and the temps have been in the low twenties with no rain for a couple weeks. But rain is on the horizon, so everyone has been working hard to get their vitamin D while they can! Below are a few of the Saturday activities that were on offer this weekend.

Several students went to Westhills Stadium to take in the Women’s World Sevens Rugby Tournament. We saw ten games and were fortunate enough to see Canada play twice. They played amazingly well and beat Brazil and Ireland to eventually finish second in their pool. Many of the SMUS Girls Rugby Team were in attendance and some played in a representative midday match-up against Rugby Canada youth players.


Some other students participated in a neighborhood clean up and strolled around picking up garbage within the residential blocks surrounding the school.


Another crew of students went to Thetis Lake for a hike through the woods. The wild flowers are coming out and it was a beautiful day for a trek.

One of the last events of the day was a cheesy bread fest. Laurent, Antonio, and I have been talking about making a Hy’s Steakhouse Cheesy Bread clone for a couple months now and it finally fell into place. After careful ingredient selection, we put our taste buds to the test and were quite pleased the the results. Our bread was very close to the irresistible quality at Hy’s Steakhouse and after making enough to feed a small army, we shared our wares with the house and the rest of boarding.