5 Steps to Get the Most out of Boarding!

While every boarding student that arrives at SMUS has their own unique identity and culture, there are some general steps to follow if you want to get the most out of your boarding experience!

Step #1: Study Hard!

Okay…maybe not too hard – the pictures below don’t necessarily look like the traditional classroom, though they were still getting the work done. Teigan catching some sun while studying and Josh and Harun were assigned homework that consisted of cooking a Chinese meal for Ms. Mao! Delicious!

Step #2: Get Off Campus on the Weekend

Some awesome shots below of the Bolton students at the Mini Golf Course. Mr. Donatelli said that he would buy ice cream to any student that got a lower score than him…in the end, the only ice cream Mr. Donatelli bought was his own!

A few other Bolton students decided to check out one of Canada’s National Historic Sites closeby!

Colwood is home to historic Fort Rodd Hill, a Canadian National Historic Site. Built by the British in the 1890’s, this coast artillery fort was designed to defend Victoria and the Esquimalt Naval Base. Visitors come to explore the three gun batteries, underground magazines, command posts, guardhouses, barracks and searchlight emplacements that are the vestiges of a bygone era.

Set on a beautiful wide open waterfront park, our students enjoyed the spectacular sea and mountain views as they bird watch and investigated the tide pools along the shoreline. The iconic Fisgard Lighthouse was their reward after a short walk.

Teigan getting a couple reps in!

Step #3: Take On Some Leadership Roles

Malik and Subaig make regular appearances at whole-school assemblies on Monday. This last week was tons of fun and featured a competition between siblings. Make sure you check out Leupold and LeRoy’s win in the video below! Way to represent Bolton House!

Step #4: Stay Fit

There is no short of activities and sports to sign-up for at SMUS. We are deep into the rugby season currently and it is awesome watching the growth of the Bolton students on the field. Check out more of the action below!

and Step #5: Leave room in your schedule for spontaneous hangouts with your friends

Quiet hour in Bolton last week turned into a spontaneous game of baseball on the field which lasted until the sun set. What a great way to spend some time in the evening, now that the days have daylight for longer!

Heading Into the Final Term!

And just like that, May has arrived and along with it, the end of term 5.

The Bolton boys are now finished half of their classes for the year with many final exams, presentations, projects, and a few celebrations filling the past week. Some of the senior students still have AP exams to write this week, but there is a sense of relief from all as we head into the final 6-week session of classes.

Teigan finishing up his Mandarin 9 exam
Oscar enjoying some bubble tea to finish up the year with Ms. Mao.

It was also a very busy week for sports with Rowing, Tennis, Rugby, Badminton, and Track and Field in full swing. Malik was rowing in the prestigious Brentwood regatta and, along with 2 silvers and a bronze, qualified for the National Championship later this month in Ontario!

Congratulations Malik!!

Leupold and LeRoy were flying high at the track and field meet. Leupold captured both the junior high jump (1.7 m) and long jump (5.2 m) titles, with LeRoy claiming gold in the senior high jump (1.8 m). Nice work boys!

Track and Field Superstars!

Savo played up with the Sr. Rugby team on Friday as they beat Robert Bateman from Abbotsford in an exciting game. The seniors are set to play 2 games this week including the City Final on Friday while the Juniors travel to Shawnigan Lake for the Island semi-finals. Here is an action shot from last weekend at the Alumni game that captures the work of the Bolton boys on the field this week

Great tackle Teigan!

Here are a couple of photos and a wonderful video from Alumni weekend that features a couple of Bolton Boys in action, what a great time it was!

Congratulations to all the grads!!
What a day!

Oscar has wrapped up his initiative to raise food for the local food bank. Here he is with all of the donations brought in last week. What a wonderful way to give back to the community and exemplify the school’s value of Service.

Saturday was full of the usual array of activities. Teigan and Ai enjoyed a 3D IMAX movie about dinosaurs but were most excited about their dipped cones from Chocolats Favoris!

What a ridiculous treat!

Subaig gave his younger brother, Sam, a tour of the house when he came to visit on Saturday. A future Boltonite?

He looks very comfortable with the Bolton mascot, Boris, like he is meant to be here!

Always thinking of winning the House Cup, the Bolton Boys were busy in the fitness center and honing their basketball skills late into the evening on Saturday night.

Digvijay in his finest workout attire!
They call him Simon “Fadeaway” Shen!

Good luck to all students in their final semester of classes. We continue to be so proud of each Bolton boy and look forward to celebrating their successes.

The stars came out for Alumni Weekend!

The week’s competitive tone was set with House Games! Batters up!

That’s one way to get on base!

After a tremendous performance, we needed to celebrate with a house dinner at Red Robin where the endless french fries made for some very happy and very full boys!

Before the Alumni Weekend, our senior boys and girls rugby teams broke bread at the Victoria Golf Course. This annual event is hosted by former SMUS rugby players who presented the players with a jersey and shared many stories of their time at SMUS and their later success at the Provincial, National and International level. This was the first time the girls’ team had joined us and it was so great to finally share the event with all rugby players.

What a team! 8 Bolton boys!

Then it was finally time! Alumni Weekend is upon us! The day started with our graduating class receiving their SMUS Grad Bear.

Bolton Alums, Gerry and Laurent, celebrating Adam, who shared their house for two years

The weekend was full of festivities! Josh and Louis were playing some great tunes as part of the orchestra band while Rentaro and Lucas helped out at the market place

A SMUS Alumni Weekend staple filled the day – lets play some rugby! The juniors had a comprehensive win against Shawnigan Lake with Bolton speedster Marcus notching a try in the corner. The Senior team was in tough against the #1 ranked Collingwood team and while the did not get the victory they displayed some excellent skill and courage.

The boys are excited after a big win!

An incredible part of Alumni Weekend is the return of some of our boarding community! It was great to see past and present Bolton brothers connecting over the memories they share!

Bolton Alums, Christian and Joel, meeting with one of their Timmis sisters, Chanel

We now settle into the academic focus of the final week of term 5 and the beginning of AP Exams. The weather has started to turn to sunshine and warmth so everyone is feeling just a bit happier. We continue to be impressed by the many wonderful accomplishments of all our Boltonites and look forward to more excitement as the final housegames approach, sports enter championship season and, of course, our Grade 12 students begin to prepare for graduation! Go Bo!

Wishes Do Come True!

The senior rugby team was on show this week with an important league game versus Claremont. They were ‘wishing’ for a win after a few defeats to start the season. Losing several players to injury has made it difficult to find continuity with players constantly moving around to fill in different positions. They knew they would be in tough against an enthusiastic Claremont side and were down for nearly the entire game, that is until the last 10 minutes when the rally began. With two quick tries they found themselves down by three points with only a couple minutes left. Quick darting runs by Bolton’s Adam Liu helped get SMUS within striking distance of the goal line and eventually they put in a try with zero time left on the clock. It was a thrilling comeback and a great first win of the season for the team. Their ‘wish’ had come true.

The half time speech that seemed to fire them up for a much inproved second half performance

The wild west coast is not known for its warmth and sunny skies. Vancouver Island’s west coast is commonly labelled as the graveyard of the pacific and the Juan de Fuca trail’s rugged coastline and stormy wet weather is often sought by hikers wanting to get a true west coast experience. Harun and LeRoy were among a group of SMUS students braving the elemets and ‘wishing’ for bright skies and calm seas for the 40 km hike. One wish there was no point in asking for would be a dry trail, as that is just not a possibility on the “Wet” Coast! They certainly got what they ‘wished’ from the weather and managed to capture an amazing sunset as well.

Mr. Danskin ran a Saturday activity this weekend that was a walking food tour of some of his favourite spots. Rentaro, Lucas, Wataru and Kenneth were the Bolton students who came along for the journey and it was a lovely little outing. With ten people in the group and mostly small resaurants, they were all ‘wishing’ for a chance to find seating. The first stop was La Taqueria where they each sampled a taco of their choice. The tacos were eaten so fast there wasn’t even time to get a picture of everyone with their food!

Next we ventured down to China Town and on the way managed to take in an anti-COVID mandates protest. A few students were a little surprised by the potest given the relative extent of restrictions and expectations in many other parts of the world.

With all the flags, it looked more like a Canada Day parade than an anti COVID mandate protest!

We arrived at Bao and managed to find seats for all of us – another ‘wish’ fullfilled! The blossoms were in full effect and the bao buns were a hit. We were left wanting to come back again to sample more of the different kinds of bao buns available on the menu.

Next stop was Dumpling Drop for a round of Pork Belly dumplings that are always a hit. They were so good, everyone ‘wished’ for more dumplings and there was actually a mistake which resulted in the group getting one extra dish of dumplings!

With one location left and a dessert stop at that, the crew was excited to top things off with some ice cream from Chocolate Favoris. Seeing as it is right in the hub of downtown excitement, they were wishing for the line to be small and once again lucked out. Just after they arrived, there was a line out the door! They also ‘wished’ to find more space in their stomachs for the chocolate dipped icecream and thankfully they all managed πŸ™‚

While every location was wonderful, after a vote for the favourite, Bao was the overall winner!

The final ‘wish’ was made by Teigan who ‘wished’ for everyone to sing him happy birthday; perhaps he should’ve included a specific quality level with that wish!

Return of the Easter Bunny!

This long weekend, we welcomed the Easter Bunny onto campus! The students woke up on Sunday morning to find special treats scattered around campus.

How many eggs can you find in this picture?

Jeronimo woke up bright and early to try and gather as many prizes as he could before he ran out of room in his hoodie pocket. By the end of the hunt, his tally was at a whopping 25 eggs.

Don’t eat them all at once, Jero…

On campus throughout the week, we were met with weather of all kinds, including a random snowfall on Monday morning..! That was definitely not expected, considering it is mid-April…

I wonder if we are ready to move on to some spring/ summer weather..??

Once we got past the snow, the weather definitely turned and we were treated to beautiful sunny days. Perfect for a bit of junior boys’ rugby practice, attended by Marcus, Ai, Teigan, Savo and Jero!

Around campus, Jason and Leo, along with ex-Bolton Brothers Eric and Junya, brought out the griddles and cooked up some delicious waffles to raise money for The Foundry (an organization that offers health and wellness supports to youth and young adults aged 12 to 24). This was part of the Health & Wellness Week initiative put on by the prefects and Grade 12 leaders at the school.

Mmmm… Waffles and chocolate chips – can’t go wrong with that combination.

Nokia and his friends in Mr. Daum’s Spanish 11 class took the time to research, buy ingredients for, and cook delicious beef tacos in the Bolton-Timmis common room.

Motivated by his personal experiences during Spring Break, Oscar has been busy at work setting up a food drive around campus to support the Mustard Seed (a non-profit organization based in Victoria that provides food and meals to those who need it most in the community). He has spoken passionately about the issue at our most recent Bolton house meeting, and he hopes to extend his scope to the rest of the boarding community and to the day student community in the coming weeks! Bravo Oscar – keep spreading the good message.

LeRoy lending a helping hand!

The school week also saw several exciting sports games take place on the field, with Senior Girls soccer and Middle School rugby both having the chance to showcase their skills in front of large home crowds. The Bolton crew made sure to show their support, including LeRoy and Krissh pictured below.

As you can see, Mr. Danskin is REALLY excited that rugby is happening again πŸ˜‚


Thanks to the efforts of our amazing Boarding Coordinator Ms. Cordy, we were treated to some special Easter Long Weekend activities and meals. Jero was the beneficiary of a trip to the movie theatre on Saturday night.


On Sunday evening, the Sodexo staff prepared a delicious Easter dinner for everyone that was staying on campus, featuring turkey, ham, brussel sprouts, roasted vegetables, mashed potatoes, and chocolate cake!

Bolton in Fine House Games Form

It was a solid performance by Bolton in last weekend’s house games. The results have pushed them into a solid lead of more than 40 points over their competitors. Badminton was the sporting activity, while playing card tower building and origami frog racing were the team challenges. The badminton courts were full of excitment as the juniors and seniors each battled it out in doubles action. Bolton was narrowly edged out by Barnacle for the overall Badminton win, but they put forth a tremedous effort.

In the team challenges, they were partnered with their Timmis House companions and the combination was unstoppable! Together they made and hopped over 50 origami frogs and built a card tower more than 30 centimeters taller than the next closest team. Amazing!

Stay tuned for the next house games update in a few weeks time as Bolton tries to maintain their lead and bring home this year’s House Cup!

We also wanted to add some more pictures from the Leadership retreat last week. Below you will see each of the 11’s with their chosen object to represent their leadership. The stories to accompany the items were wonderful and full of humour. There is no doubt that next year’s group is going to be an incredible team!

Seb just hanging out….
Look at the teamwork! This crew will be unstoppable next year!

Return From Spring Break

We will start things off with the week leading up to spring break. There were a few rugby games played that included lots from Bolton. In particular there is a video of the full match of the seniors verses Brentwood in which the referee is wearing the camera. You get a great perspective of the match and can see all the action up close!

Don’t be alarmed, Jero is still smiling after taking a hit to the face!
Great shots of the junior team all together!

After spring break everyone got right back to it. Classes kicked off on Tuesday and here is a shot of Wataru presenting a water tower in Mr. Donatelli’s class.

This week also marked Pride Week at SMUS. There were some events throughout the week and a special assembly on Thursday. Bolton and Timmis decorated the front of the boarding house in all colours leading up the stairs and into the foyer.

On Saturday Mr. Stewart took the gr. 9’s and 10’s out for a walk in the neighbourhood to get some snacks, and eventually ended up on the field passing the football and for some reason seeing who was the fastest runner.

It looks like Hanson beat out Wataru in this race!

The Grade 11s engaged in the annual leadership retreat. We were able to return to Bolton’s traditional location of French Beach where they participated in a variety of teambuilding activities and some personal reflection. It is a beautiful location and certainly checks the box for a true rugged west coast experience. After successfully completing their final challenge, the retreat ended with everyone heading out for dinner together. What a day!