The Sun is Still Shining!

Well it might officially be fall but we are still feeling the summer sunshine! There have been many events happening both at school and in the boarding community, with many groups even leaving town and the island to embark on exciting out-trips.

Soccer continues to be in full swing with several Bolton Penguins donning the fields and supporting from the sidelines.

Close one..! The game finished 0-0 even after several chances for both sides.

With restrictions eased, the kitchen is getting more use this year as well. Ian C has already shown his culinary prowess while cooking up some delicious dishes!

Salsa anyone?? Ian’s signature marinated steak and chicken on full display.

Hard work wasn’t just reserved for the fields and the kitchen. Several Bolton Penguins were seen studying hard as well!

Jeremy, Oscar and Mujtaba with their thinking caps on.
Ryan and Seb getting mathematical!

Several students play soccer in the community and Marcus plays for Bays United. He came back with all smiles after his game Saturday which he won and scored a goal!

On Saturday afternoon, the Grade 9s and 10s headed up to the University of Victoria to enjoy some high-quality rugby between the UVic Vikes and the Pacific Pride. The game was hotly contested, with a late try proving the difference in a narrow win for the Pride.

Mr. Danskin, Kenneth, Wataru, Ai, Darren, Kyle, Teigan, Peter, Hanson and Connor doing their best to learn a thing or two about the sport of rugby!
We were joined by SMUS alumni Jonas (far left) and Matt (second from right) who play for UVic and Pacific Pride, respectively. Both of them are ex-Bolton-Penguins!

At this weeks Assembly, our school’s string orchestra, directed by our fantastic Ms. Guillen, performed a moving piece in front of the students and faculty.

Here is a picture from last weekend’s Terry Fox Run that didn’t make it into last week’s post! Mr. Kim and Hayes are looking quite happy about the weather.

On Friday night, the boarding community hosted its first Open Mic Night of the year! As you can see from the pictures and videos, the entire Sun Centre Commons was jam-packed with eager audience members.

Our German contingent putting on a show!

On Sunday evening, Barnacle House treated us to a great Chapel, filled with piano and violin performances, speeches, slam poetry and a very well-crafted video. Kudos Barnacle! Stay tuned for the Bolton Chapel 👍

During our house meeting, we sang a very happy birthday to our very own Justin!

We also chatted about our 6 Noble Promises during our meeting. Over a few sessions, the students in Bolton House compiled a list of 6 promises that we would make to ourselves in order to make our house, and our entire community as a whole, a more positive and welcoming place.

Great words for anyone to live by!

To cap off the weekend, the students in Mr. Kim’s advising group spent some time in the common room jamming out to music, rolling up their sleeves, and channeling their inner Salt Bae to create delicious nachos that were enjoyed by all!

Three Bolton Penguins, three different renditions of Salt Bae… 😂

We now head into a shortened week, with the four-day week culminating in an afternoon of learning regarding National Day of Truth and Reconciliation, to be commemorated on Friday. It will be a week loaded with learning and reflection, but I’m sure that the Bolton Penguins will find time to decompress and enjoy themselves throughout the week as well! Until next time, take care!

A Busy First Full Week!

House Games

The first Sunday of the school year kicked off with house games. The games were the “House Olympics” which included six different events from filling a pipe with water from a boot to a cup stacking relay. Of course the games wouldn’t be complete without starting off with a house cheer which our Penguins were loud and proud and got Lucas into our penguin mascot costume!

House Games Videos

Sr. Boys Soccer – 3rd place bronze medalists!

The Sr. Boys soccer season has started with our Mr. Fryer coaching with Sebastian and Harun from Bolton playing on the team. They were successful this weekend, placing 3rd! Good luck with the rest of the season!

Club & Council Fair

On Friday during lunch there was a club and council fair in the quad. The Penguins were well represented as they are involved in running multiple clubs around campus.

Grade 9 & 10 Saturday Activity

This Saturday, Mr. Fryer took all of our gr. 9’s and 10’s up Mt. Tolmie to see the sunset. It’s a short walk from campus with some great views of the surrounding areas of Victoria. They finished off their walk with an ice cream

Terry Fox Run

This Sunday was Canada’s annual Terry Fox Run. Boarders from all houses headed downtown to run 5km along Victoria’s beautiful coast. If you are interested in the history of the event here is a link with some info on the Canadian hero Terry Fox.

The Bolton Penguins are back!

With a new year upon us we are so excited to welcome all of the new and returning students into Bolton House!

Some of our Grade 12s – Jeremy, Joshua, Sebastian, Michael, Nokia, Ernest, Harun and Justin – helping make the house look all festive before our new boarders arrive!

Once everyone arrived it was time for some name games!

Returning students from Bolton and the neighbouring house Timmis got together to teach our boarding routines!

Finished off the day with a great soccer game

Ya for beach day!

Looking sharp for the first day of school!

Welcome to Bolton from Mr. Stewart!

Hello everyone! My name is Mr. Stewart and I am entering into my second year as a house parent at SMUS. I am very excited to get the year going and to meet everyone!

I grew up on Vancouver Island in the small town of Campbell River and have lived in Victoria for about 10 years. I am currently studying business at Camosun College which is just down the road from SMUS. In my spare time I like to ride my bike, tend to my garden, and listen to my ever growing collection of vinyl records. I am looking forward to another great year as a house parent in Bolton House!

Welcome to Bolton from Mr. Bell

Hi everyone! My name is Mr. Bell and I am very excited to be entering my fourth year in the Bolton House and seventh year as a House Parent with SMUS!

I was born and raised in Victoria and grew up just minutes from the St. Michaels campus. I teach grade 3 at the SMUS Jr. School down in Oak Bay and have coached basketball and volleyball at the SMUS for the past six years. I also love to play lacrosse and explore the island in my spare time! I am looking forward to an exciting and successful year in Bolton House!

Bienvenidos from Mr. Barahona, Mrs. DeMelo and Nanuk!

Hello! ¡Hola! Bonjour! I am so excited to start my first year as a House Parent in Bolton. I look forward to being part of such a great community and connecting with students from around the world. I moved to Canada from Ecuador ten years ago and have had the opportunity to live in Montreal, Winnipeg, and now beautiful Victoria. 

In my spare time, I like to play soccer, ride my bike, customize my cars and bikes, and I also enjoy cooking while listening to my favorite Latin rhythms. I look forward to kicking the ball around with you on the field, and I hope that we have a chance to share some of our favorite traditional dishes from home. 

Mrs. DeMelo is a House Parent in Winslow, and you may even have her as your Spanish teacher this year. We both speak Spanish and French and are happy to practice with you whenever you feel like it. You will also surely see our dog Nanuk around campus. Just don’t let her get a hold of your soccer ball, because you might not get it back!

See you soon and have a great first week!

Hello from Mr. Danskin, Ms. Hanna, & Chips!

We are excited to welcome our new and returning students to Bolton and look forward to what is sure to be an excellent year. Working in Bolton/TImmis has been a significant part of our personal and professional lives, with this being Mr. Danskin’s tenth year in boarding and Ms. Hanna’s eighth. We feel very fortunate to be part of such an amazing community and appreciate all the special connections that are made each year.

Ms. Hanna currently teaches in the Victoria School District as a learning support teacher, while Mr. Danskin teaches PE at the SMUS Middle School and coaches a variety of sports. Our dog Chips will once again be a fixture on the front steps during our duty shifts, and when not on duty he keeps himself busy chasing flies and lounging in the sun. In our spare time, we love cooking delicious meals and going on outdoor adventures, especially canoe trips. We are excited to share our experiences and passions with the boarding community and look forward to another great year!

Welcome Back From The Kims!

Welcome back everyone! It sure has been an enjoyable summer, but the level of excitement around campus for the past few days with people moving back in has been amazing. We are thrilled to be welcoming the new students into our building, and we hope that over the next few weeks, we can get to know each of you even better!

Mr. Kim has been a houseparent at SMUS on and off since 2014 and currently teaches physics at the senior school. He is actually a graduate of SMUS, having spent his Grade 6 to Grade 12 years at the school. During his time as a student, he really enjoyed playing on the soccer and rugby teams and playing his trombone in various bands and orchestras. In his off-time, Mr. Kim enjoys playing FIFA, watching Premier League soccer and playing soccer. He is always willing to chat with you, especially about soccer, rugby and soccer 😂

Mr. and Mrs. Kim are both excited to be starting this new chapter in boarding with everyone. We both believe that with the right attitudes and mindsets in place, we can really make boarding a home away from home and build a community together that can last a lifetime. If you are ever confused, stuck or generally curious, you are ALWAYS welcome to reach out to us and ask for a chat – it’s what we love to do! You can find us on the third floor at the far end of the hallway.

See you around 👍

Welcome to Bolton from the Fryers!

Happy New School Year!

A selfie from our honeymoon in Greece this summer!

My name is Evan Fryer and I am the Senior House Parent for Bolton House this year. My wife, Kelsey, and I live right here in Bolton House and can’t wait for the start of a fantastic school year and welcoming all the new and returning students.

This is my 11th year involved in the Boarding Program at SMUS and we are very excited about contributing to the unique culture of our house this year. In Bolton House alone, we have students arriving from over 16 different nationalities and even more cultures and identities from around the world.

This summer, Kelsey and I have been travelling around Europe for our honeymoon to celebrate our wedding earlier this summer. Kelsey and I (as well as our dog Finnegan) have fully committed our lives to the boarding lifestyle and take the responsibility of looking after your child very seriously. We want to ensure that your child’s time in Bolton House is rewarding, safe, enjoyable, and comfortable, while also doing our best to push them to learn, grow, and take on challenges.

I also teach in the Mathematics Department at the Senior School and coach the Sr. Boys Soccer Team, so I may get to see your child during the school day too! There are so many wonderful opportunities for our students in the first few weeks of school, so we really encourage them to sign-up for lots of activities and get involved!

All of us in Bolton can’t wait for another exciting year at SMUS! We hope that you return to this blog throughout the school year to see what we are up to! We try to get something new posted every Sunday night 🙂

So long for now…

We are at the final weekend of the school year with only a handful of days remaining. This week had the start of goodbyes and many events for the grads and those who will be returning. We want to thank everyone in Bolton House for a wonderful year, hope everyone has a great summer and returns fresh in the Fall.

Everything has been winding down including many sports that are coming to their conclusion.

Krissh and Dylan in the mix

Krissh and Dylan went with the tennis team to Vancouver for the provincial championship. SMUS had a challenging tournament, but finished with a bronze!

The rowing team headed to St. Catherines, Ontario for nationals. Malik was there representing Bolton House and won two national championships!

We had a meeting on Monday night to say goodbye to two from Bolton, Adam who has served us well as our head of house over this year, and Eric who were both given Bolton mugs as a gift for joining us over the recent years.

A great group picture after our house meeting!

Monday also saw Mr. Turner host all the athletes who had played in a provincial tournament in terms 2 or 3 for a pizza lunch. It was great to see so many Bolton boys in the mix, what a year!

It’s like 2021 all over again!

If pizza wasn’t enough, Monday was also the annual ice cream day started by Mr. Symons back in 1931! Read about the history of this fun event here

Mr. Symons (not the original) handing out the treats.

It was also Spirit week at the Senior School with Keep the Beat, fun activities and great outfits on display.

Nokia selling Keep the Beat t-shirts to fundraise for local charities.
Subaig announcing all the fun at assembly.
Joshua and Louis rocking out in assembly!
Fun in the sun!

Tuesday night was the Athletics Banquet featuring all the senior teams from the year. Congrats to all the athletes on a fantastic year of athletics and sportsmanship.

The Grade 12 rugby players were also presented with an Alumni jersey as a final wrap up to the season. It was great having them sacrifice so much time and energy to support the program, especially Louis who started back in grade 8!

This Saturday we celebrated the annual tradition of setting up a giant slip n’ slide down the hill in front of the Wenman Pavilion. There was a little apprehension at first, but nearly the entire house took a chance to experience the big slide.

Rugby training! A bit of work to be done yet…
14 Penguins!!
Safety first! What a finish by Teigan!!
There it is!
What a crew!

Also, there were volleyball nets and spikeball set up to have fun on the field. The weather finally cooperated for everyone to enjoy the day outside.

Is there anything this guy can’t do?!

Later that night we had a BBQ and everyone got an ice cream from an ice cream truck which was a big hit. Jason especially enjoyed his as you can see below.

Reunited by ice cream!

As people began cleaning their rooms it was amazing the things that were found. Kenneth found himself stuck in the office when the face masks came out and like the good sport he is he agreed to try it out.

Having second thoughts…? Nah!

Amid all the celebrations and packing, there were still academic courses taking place with many final exams and projects. Here is some proof!

Justin and Ernest hard at work in class with Mr. Young.

The final weekend wrapped up with the Bolton House farewell speeches and the final Boarding Chapel. This year we say goodbye to Malte and Noah heading back to Germany, Jeronimo going home to Mexico and Kaz heading back to the USA. We have 14 grads heading off to schools all over North America and we wish them all our very best. We know that they are destined for great things and look forward to hearing of their exploits and to hopefully seeing them again on campus when they come back to visit.