Spring Forward

This morning, the boys turned their clocks forward one hour for Daylight Savings. This means the days are getting longer, and soon, the weather will also get warmer. As we look back on another completed term, we look forward to Spring Break in a few days where we will all have a chance to pause. This time away from campus is extremely important, since we return to a very academic third term with AP Exams, final essays, and for some, graduation.

Last week, Bolton House gathered together with our sister house, Timmis, and ventured downtown to Frankies Diner for a wonderful house dinner. Here are some pictures from the evening:

Each Saturday, our boarding program offers a service activity where students volunteer across the city. This week, Adam and Ryan joined a few other boarders and headed out to clean the local beaches of Victoria. There was no garbage left after we finished, so that the beaches can be enjoyed by all, especially the wildlife that calls the space home.


On campus, the Bolton Boys were busy with their academics. Alan worked on a virtual reality project in Art class, and Tuan, Neme, Turay, and Misha experimented in science.Alan VR.jpg

Science Boys.jpg

Toby cooked up a storm in Spanish class, making Tacino con datiles with his friends.

In our Boarding Common room, Misha and Laurent have began a cooking pursuit and are starting to make some wonderful meals for the other Bolton Boys (and the house parents). Yesterday, they made gourmet burgers from scratch!


Recently, we have seen some great performances in Chapel. This weekend, Winslow House presented a message about Living in Harmony. Last week, Joel participated in a Stomp performance for the chapel about Black History Month. Here is a video of the great performance:

At our last house meeting, Nokia was awarded a Bolton Pin for his amazing contribution to the Middle School musical production of Seussical the Musical.


It was a fabulous show that saw the whole middle school community come together. Here are some pictures from the show:

A lot of ours students are traveling on Service Trips around the World. Costa Rica, Tanzania, and Europe are among some of those destinations. We can’t wait to hear about their trips and post some pictures upon their return. Until then, we wish you all some quality family time over Spring Break. We will resume our consistent blog activity in April at the start of Term 3.

March Means Musical Madness!

Somehow Spring Break is only a week and a half away. That means that university applications have all been submitted and many of the grade 12’s have already heard back from one or more schools. The rugby season kicks off on Monday, tennis training is bouncing into action, track and field is lacing up, sailing is gearing to set off, and badminton prepares to hits the courts. Justin and the Senior Boys Basketball Team are headed to their Provincial tournament next week while Finn and the Junior Boys just finished their season with a strong performance at their provincial tournament.


All of these, however, pale in comparison to the excitement of the musical, Mamma Mia, which opened on Friday night and finishes tomorrow afternoon. By all accounts it was an outstanding hit and our boys on stage, Joel, Will and Garry were impressive as Eddie, Sam and Bill. Laurent has a special role as he plays on stage and in the pit orchestra, rocking out on the guitar. Stay tuned for the official photos which will be coming out soon.  Here is a teaser to get you started though.


If this wasn’t enough, this week also celebrated Black History Month that featured  a chapel dance performance by Joel and other members of the Afro-Society, along with some delicious foods, good music and even some hair braiding – though Mr. Daum’s hair was maybe a touch short!

Thursday night was also the opening night of the Art Show that always accompanies the musical. Bolton House was well represented with over a dozen guys with art on display.

Matchmaker forms were delivered this week and were met with the usual flurry of excitement and nerves. The crowds piled in to see their results!


The campus was also abuzz with the 6 finalists from the Best School Year Ever competition touring the school and visiting classes. Will was one of the hosts and by all accounts it was a very fun and interesting group.


Saturday had the usual gamut of activities with some of the boys rock climbing, others checking out the wildlife photography exhibit at the museum and some getting their good karma by helping to clean up our local Mt. Tolmie.

One area of pride in Bolton house this year has been the cleanliness of rooms on room clean night.  Having various guests in to decide on the cleanest room has really pushed the boys to step up their game and some of the rooms have been immaculate.  Eric was particularly proud of the effort he and Pine put into theirs this week as they were awarded the trophy.


We also had a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday for Kevin at our house meeting (it took a couple tries to get it right, but the final product wasn’t bad)

And finally, we have our house video of how we are working to limit our environmental footprint. This was part of the House Cup Challenge that accrues points throughout the year.  Bolton House is currently in second, a mere 11 points out of first place with 2 more events to go. A big thank you to Antonio for putting the video together.



Last week was the first time in 8 years that SMUS called a snow day. It wasn’t just one snow day either. It was 2 snow days back to back. There was excitement throughout the house as some of the boys were encountering snow for the very first time. It was really a magical time for everyone.

Antonio caught Nokia in the middle of snowball fight, but the youngster proved quite clever and delivered a true snowball to finish it off!

Saturday activities this week included a Royals hockey game, baking for “Our Place”, a play, a Korean cultural experience, an I-max movie, and a surprisingly popular spin class.

SMUS was the host for a robotics competition this Saturday and Laurent represented the Bolton boys and helped the team finish 6th overall.


Alan and Laurent addressed excited audience members at “SMUS Talks” in the chapel. They spoke eloquently, and their words were well prepared and received.  Laurent even managed a bit of magic!


Garry performed a beautiful rendition of “Shallow” from the Hollywood hit a Star Is Born during the SMUS Live event organized by Joel and the Arts Council.


Report cards will be out very soon as teachers are currently completing edits so please feel free to contact us with nay questions or concerns, or contact the teacher directly.

First Snowfall of the Year

This week brought about the first snowfall of 2019! And it is expected to continue into this week. It was a magical sight on campus watching everyone play in the snow. There were even a few students who had never seen snow before!


One of our Bolton Boys even lost their phone in the snow, and couldn’t find it. So a rescue team got together and searched the field for the phone. It was quite the mission!


As mentioned last week, we also competed in another round of House Games. Going into the Floor Hockey and Pictionary competition, we were ranked first. Unfortunately, Harvey House competed hard on the floor and is currently in the lead for the House Cup. Here are a few snaps from the day’s events:



We also celebrated Joel’s birthday in our Common Room on Tuesday night. Wow! Two cakes in two weeks!


Xavier from our house also stood up in front of the whole school and led the student body (including the teachers) in a Chinese New Year edition of, “If You’re Happy and You Know It”. Check out the video below:

On Thursday, the Bolton Boys will depart campus for their MidTerm Break. In Canada, we call it Family Day Long Weekend. We hope that all of the boys have a well-deserved break, whether they are skiing in Whistler on the Boarding trip, participating in the school homestay program, or visiting loved ones. Spring Break is just around the corner, and there is still a lot of fun to be had and stories to tell.

From our Bolton Family to yours, Happy Family Day.

Finding Balance during Exam Week

We are well into the Second Term on campus, and there have been many activities that have happened for the Bolton Boys. The days are starting to get a little bit longer with more day light, which means that Spring Break will be here in no time. Here are a few shots of a Sunset from this week!


It was nice to pause and watch this sunset, especially as the Grade 11 and 12 students were busy preparing for their Midterm Assessment Week. This weekend marked the end of that period, and students are now enjoying their well-deserved break.



Since the Christmas Break we have also put a a series of puzzles in the Bolton / Timmis foyer. Here are a few snaps from that!



Antonio, our head of house, had an awesome idea. Xavier from Grade 10 decided to put his idea into action and organize a Chess Tournament for the house. It was the perfect mind warm-up before exams!


During the day, our Grade 9 students participated in an Egg Drop to develop some of their teamwork skills.



On Monday night, Iker’s family decided to throw a pizza party for Bolton House to celebrate his birthday. There was pizza and cake for everyone, and it felt like a Friday night in Bolton. There was even enough to share with some of the girls too!

Of course, amidst the busy academic schedule, keeping the boys’ rooms clean sometimes is forgotten about. However, thankfully, we had our new head of school, Mr. Mark Turner, do a duty shift in Bolton House and give the white glove approval to our boys. Such a good photo below!


Needless to say, our house was extremely clean last week!

Tomorrow is a big day for Bolton House. During our first HouseGames of 2019, we took the lead in the running for House Cup. In order to maintain (and grow) this lead, the boys decided to organize a training session in floor hockey! Here are some photos from the training session:

Hopefully we stand a chance against our rivals Harvey and Barnacle tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned for an update with the new standings in the next blog post!

Although we don’t have too many pictures of the boys’ academic pursuits, they are working very hard in the classroom. We hope this blog highlights some of the “lighter” activities on campus that allow the Bolton Boys to find balance in their days and lives. We hope to keep sharing these photos with you every Saturday! Don’t forget to check back every Sunday morning for a new post!




Basketball, Skiing and Skating

Basketball was a popular pastime this past week with the Jr boys developmental basketball team at a tournament in Courtney and the Sr boys team in a tournament at Vancouver College. Justin said that the team worked hard and he was proud of the wins they were able to pull out. He personally went 5 for 6 from the foul line. Great work boys!

The Jr boys basketball team had a successful tournament on Friday and Saturday. They finished 3rd place! Finn was happy with his performance and got some key points for the team. Overall he was very proud of their near win against St Georges, who are on of the best teams in the league.


The outdoor leadership winter camp was this weekend. Jack and others spent 4 nights in Manning Park testing their outdoor skills and roughing it in the cold near the Cambie Creek Trailhead.


The boys have been working hard and studying furiously for their mid term exams, which take place this week. So hard in fact that they needed to take a bit of a break!  Jerry and Vincent are the proud owners of a table top hockey rink. Here are Vincent and Mikhail reliving the 1972 Summit Series!


We hit the ice as a house this Saturday for our yearly Bolton Timmis skate at Save-On-Foods Memorial Centre. We saw a wide range of abilities and everyone had a great time.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And some video of the action live!

A little time lapse of the fun…

In this final clip, Justin miraculously wins the speed race between Mr. Shaw, Adam, Xavier and Will, despite Will’s heroic dive at the end!

Basketball, Headmasters and Fun

Saturday Activities were many and varied again this week. Xavier and Dat served hot chocolate at one of the local homeless shelters…

…Garret and Pine went old school at the new arcade that just opened in downtown Victoria with Garret setting a new high score!

Many boys took in the basketball action at the SMUS annual Police Tournament. Justin “The Juice” was in fine form setting up baskets and even taking a few shots himself as you can see from the video below. Unfortunately the team finished 1 point shy of first place losing a very exciting final game in the last few seconds.


Adam L, Leo and Finn were away in Vancouver for various basketball tournaments.  Finn and the Junior Boys returned as ISA champions!


Earlier in the week, Xavier and Toby were energetically engaged in a heated debate in Mr. Daum’s Social Studies 10 class on the importance of the various causes of World War Two….

… and Javier took some quiet time out to work on his art project in Mr. Bateman’s class.


Mr. Mark Turner, the school Headmaster, featured prominently in the world of Bolton House this week as he shared lunch with Toby in the Sun Center and then was on duty in the house on Wednesday night with his lovely wife, Elizabeth. Jerry and Vincent were the proud recipients of the Turner Title for the cleanest room of the evening. Antonio and Said did not hesitate to take advantage of the photo op with the famous visitors!


House meeting was rowdy after the housegames last week as the boys had much to be happy about!

20190113_190446 (1)

This past week also saw the third installment of the grade 10 Experiential day. Photos from the various expeditions can be found here: https://smusexperiential.com/ and will be updated regularly so check back often.  Here is one of Kevin from his day with the Fashion Design and Industry group.