Q: How do you fix a broken pumpkin? A: With a pumpkin patch!

Fall is officially here on campus…

This week brought the end to term 1. It has been quiet in the boarding house this weekend transitioning into term 2. Everyone has been taking a much needed break from studying. Maybe something about the transition from Term 1 to Term 2??

Volleyball Photos and Videos below (maybe an interview with one of the players?)

The girls and boys volleyball teams have been playing lots this week. Chris was helping out on the court and a group of Bolton were supporting the girls from the stands.

HUT HUT! Kaz and Jero playing football in the quad

Roommates Nokia and Michael were the recipients of the Timmis trophy for having the cleanest room on Tuesday!

There has been lots of studying for the end of term assessments.

House Meeting – Josh reading the week ahead!

Kenneth and Hanson doing some macrame
Decorating the entrance and foyer for Halloween

Sunny, Sunny Days

The weather forecast was for “an atmospheric river” this weekend, but as you can see from all the photos below, Saturday was anything but! We had boys out and about all over the place including Witty’s Lagoon with some awesome fall colours…

… others were out playing soccer all morning with Mr. Kim…

Mr. Kim’s body cam… try not to get motion sickness!
Harun off the post!!

… and still others went on a bit of ride to visit a new attraction on the Malahat highway called “Skywalk” (https://malahatskywalk.com/) and took in some amazing views and even more amazing slide rides.

This was also a very exciting day as Oscar managed to arrive to morning check-in early with the help of Chris. Here they are celebrating this monumental occasion with a firm handshake.

Just in case the weather does turn bad, the boys have also been honing their indoor soccer skills and a new challenge ladder has been established with Harun as the current reigning #1 player.

We were supposed to have housegames this Sunday, but given the forecast and the fact that this is the final week of Term 1 with a lot of assessments each day, it was decided that we would postpone until next week. As a result, Louis and Adam L were able to play in a Castaway Wanderer game down at MacDonald Park. Along with several other SMUS boarders and day students who are also playing, this extra training bodes well for a rewarding rugby season in the spring.

Louis and Adam with Mr. Danskin just before kickoff

Ai and Teigan were also busy with their rugby development working on some line outs in preparation for their game against Shawnigan Lake.

That’s better!

And both soccer teams were in action on Tuesday, Noah, Marcus and Jero helped in a 2-1 win for the juniors while Harun, LeRoy, Louis, Subaig and fought hard but came up short against a very good St. Andrews team.

As mentioned, this is the last week of term 1 so the boys will need to be focused and ensure that they are taking care of themselves with adequate sleep, good food and lots of water. We look forward to a relaxing and fun weekend between terms and are keen to see the Bolton Boys battle it out for some House Cup points.

Thankful for Our Community!

Happy Thanksgiving to our extended family around the world!

Ryan B. and Ernest enjoying the Spindle Whorl Ceremony this week in Perfect #1 Uniforms!

It is always wonderful, in the midst of a busy term, to pause for a moment to reflect on where we are at. That is what I love about the Thanksgiving Long Weekend as it provides the opportunity to do just that.

To start off the blog this week, what could be more enjoyable than all of our Grade 12 students volunteering to sing “Baby” by Justin Bieber for the SMUS boarding open mic night. Some wonderful vocal talents on display!

All of our Grade 12’s in Bolton singing Baby by Justin Bieber at Open Mic Night!

With the mitigation of COVID-19 also comes the opportunity to, once again, compete in competitive sports against other schools. As the coach of the Sr. Boys Soccer team, I (Mr. Fryer), have loved the ability to work with our students to improve their confidence as athletes. There are so many lessons that can be learned from sports, so I am very thankful to be able to work with the team once again.

Earlier in the week, I had the opportunity to head down and check-out the Sr. Boys Volleyball team, comprised of LeRoy, Malte, and Chris from Bolton. Here are a few freeze frame shots – I tried my best 🙂 There are also a couple of sweet videos, showing some crucial points where they eventually came out on top of Oak Bay and Belmont (only by 1 point in the Belmont game).

LeRoy said, after the game, that the crowd and the cheering from his friends makes the game so much better and that the team really thrives from that:

This weekend, some students had the chance to travel to nearby locations for Thanksgiving with family and friends. Others decided to remain on campus and take part in the festivities, including some great options for activities.

Here is a quick video of Digvijay making a slam dunk at the Flying Squirrel. Some great vertical on the leap:

Digvijay is “thankful” for the extra assistance on the jump 🙂

Ai, Ryan B., and Noah joined students from other houses to travel to East Sooke Park for a big hike. It was such a great day for it, and Ai took some stunning photos.

All of these photos were taking by Ai, and we are thinking about getting some of them printed and framed to put on the walls of Bolton House.

A Mahjong lesson took place this week too!

It is clear that we have a lot to be thankful for in our community. But there are also areas at our school where we can all dream of improving and being better. One such area, is our relationship with Indigenous peoples, communities, and land surrounding our school campus on the territories of the W̱SÁNEĆ and lək̓ʷəŋən peoples.

Our community came together on Thursday, October 7 for our Spindle Whorls Welcome Ceremony. It was an important moment in the ongoing relationship-building between our school and local Indigenous Peoples.

Dylan Thomas (Lyackson with his carved Spindle Whorls

In consultation with local Elders, the school was encouraged to have visual representations of local First Nations culture on our campuses. Artist Dylan Thomas (Lyackson) carved four Spindle Whorls that reinterpret our school Values – respect, courage, honesty and service – through First Nations storytelling. Spindle Whorls were historically used by the Coast Salish to spin wool, and many featured carved artwork.

For more information, check out the full story by Kyle Slavin (our school’s storyteller) below.

To end another wonderful week, the students sat down together for Thanksgiving Dinner to reflect and enjoy a wonderful turkey carving.

Thankful for our boarding community! So nice to have students from all of the boarding houses eating together!
Savo gives the meal a big thumb up
Ryan, Ernest, Eric, Justin, Ai, Cyrus, and Digvijay enjoying a great meal!

October Arrives

With September behind us, conversations have now shifted to giving thanks, turkey feasts, Halloween costumes, keeping warm, amazing new friendships, and staying on top of studies and co-curricular commitments! There has also been plenty of time for fun and this weekend saw students organize a well attended open mic night in the Sun Centre Student Commons. There were some notable performances and the Bolton crew did not disappoint!

Mr. Kim took the grade 9 crew to Farmer Jim’s this weekend. There was plenty of work to do and the guys collected apples and moved a lot of mulch to help keep the soil happy. The horses and sheep were also kept happy with apples and sunflowers! Always the educator, Farmer Jim took plenty of time to share his wisdom and all the hard work was rewarded with some fresh pressed apple juice!

A few of the guys managed to get a little bonding time in over Playstation 5’s FIFA 2022. The graphics really are incredible and plenty of hoots and hollars were heard from the common room as they battled it out on the big screen.

While some of the soccer may have been virtual, the playing fields were abuzz with rugby. Adam L. showed off his “silky” drop kick skills to the grade 9s before that saw action in a tournament that featured independant schools from the island and lower mainland.

Grade 9 Sevens Rugby Team

September 30th is National Truth and Reconciliation Day and students spent a half day at school learning more about Canada’s Indigenous history and what truth and reconciliation means. Read more about how our time was spent in the link below:

Subaig was helping sell orange shirts – a symbol of National Truth and Reconciliation Day

A few candid moments from around the campus help complete the blog this week. Stay tuned for more next weekend, which is our Thanksgiving long weekend and will see a few of the Bolton crew head home for the holidays, while the rest will be here taking a well earned break from regular school expectations and commitments.

It has been great to see friendships solidifying and connections being made. We’ll leave you with a great shot of some of the Bolton folks, grades 9-12 all represented, enjoying Ramen night together in the Sun Centre.

Fair Weather for the Club & Council Fair!

Now that the Bolton students have settled into their academics, now is the time at SMUS to get involved in many extra-curricular activities. Term 1 Sports like the Volleyball Team and Soccer Team have already been competing for a few weeks! See the videos from the soccer game here where LeRoy, Subaig, Harun and Louis displayed some great talent out on the field:

Last week SMUS held the clubs and councils fair. So many exciting opportunities! I heard there was even a “Sneaker Club” this year! Here are some photos of the Bolton Boys during the event:

Of course, at SMUS, it is all about balance! Students strive to be a part of athletics, music, and clubs, but also need to focus on their academics in the evenings. Here is a photo of roommates Justin and Ernest during Quiet Hour!

Also, this week was the Jubilee Assembly on the school field – Students from K-12 arrived at the Richmond Road campus for the special event. There was also a scarf and hat for the celebration for every student.

We celebrate our Jubilee anniversary this school year, marking 50 years since the amalgamation of St. Michael’s School and University School in 1971. This transformational event led to the successful and highly admired Kindergarten to Grade 12 boarding and day school that we know and love today.

Various activities and events will take place on our campuses during the 2021-22 school year.

Here is an article from our SMUS storyteller, Kyle Slavin, about the event!

And here are some pictures of the Bolton boys taking in the festivities:

As was apparent during the assembly, the alumni network is such an important part of the school. Once students graduate from SMUS we, as house parents, love seeing old Bolton students return to campus for a visit.

Last week brothers David (Grade 2014) and Dimitri (Grad 2016) visited the campus and were able to get a picture with past Sr. House Parents Chris and Jenn Bateman. It was wonderful to catch up with them and hear about their adventures abroad.

With the end of another full week at SMUS, comes the start of a new one. We look forward to hearing the stories from the Grade 9’s who were on out trips until today, as well as the Grade 10’s who leave on out trips this Wednesday. I’m sure there are plenty of adventures still to be add for all of the Bolton students.

Building Our Boarding Community

It was a busy first full week for our students. Homework, team practices, and connecting with peers were high on the list of priorities, but not necessarily in that order!

Some of our grade 12s enjoying the sunshine!
Malte gets down to business reviewing some readings during prep!
There have been plenty of exciting battles on the pool table already and many more to come!
While donning his number one uniform this week, Ryan was living up to a common phrase heard in Bolton: “Dress the part”, and he sure looked sharp!
Bolton came together last weekend to participate in the first step towards creating shared agreements. It was an opportunity for students to express what kinds of characteristics they wanted to build into our boarding community.

Mr. Kim took the 9s and 10s on a trip downtown. Snacks appeared to be a common item on their shopping lists as did posters to brighten up their new rooms!

Grade 12 and Head of House, Adam, shares his 10 Essentials

In true GQ style, here is the list of Adam’s 10 Essentials, complete with a brief explanation!

  1. Mask – COVID is still here
  2. Basketball – movie “Like Mike” inspiration
  3. Chain – first chain that my mom bought for me
  4. Hat – dad’s old that that he wore for 10 years playing golf (“It’s part of my story.”)
  5. Pillow – glows in the dark
  6. Bag – also dad’s old bag that is older than me (“I like “thrifting” from my dad’s closet.”)
  7. Water bottle – hydration is important
  8. Cologne – to cover up the smell of my “gas”
  9. Eye mask – sensitive to light when sleeping (kind of offsets the glow-in-the-dark pillow..?)
  10. Toothbrush – hygiene very seriously

Getting Into the Swing of Things!

It was a wonderful first week for the Bolton students at SMUS! They have truly tried their best to get to know each other and get involved in all of the activities that the school has to offer.

Here are some highlights from the last week. Be sure to check back here every Sunday/Monday for more action from Bolton house and around the school.

Last Monday, our Grade 12’s were the first to arrive. They set up the house, planned some activities, and were ready to greet the new students to SMUS!

Then, everybody else arrived! It was great meeting the new students of Bolton!

Of course, the students got involved in sports tryouts and other activities right away!

Once every month or so, all 6 boarding houses come together to compete in House Games. This afternoon was our first House Games, so Bolton House was sure to come up with a game plan to make their presence known.

Of course, they had to start with practicing their house cheer in the common room, before revealing it (performing it) for all!

On the field, however, it was quite the scene! Here is a video of the cheer below (our house mascot is the Penguin!):

And here were the competing teams. Also, a wonderful chance to see all of the Bolton boys that are now roommates and friends!