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Welcome to the journal of the boys of Bolton House at St. Michaels University School. We have a great staff this year with Mr. Daum, Mrs. Daum, Mr. Fryer, Mr. Danskin, Mr. Kim, and  Mr. Bell all returning yet again! And we welcome back Mr. Stewart who joined us at the tail end of last year. This is an excellent team looking after your boys. As Senior Houseparent I have been posting a good number of articles, but as you will see more and more great updates are being written by other staff and now even students. Enjoy the posts and pictures! And leave a comment please!

Please contact me about anything!


Bolton Office: (250) 370-6185
My cell: (250) 589-6526

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  3. You’re all doing a wonderful job!!!

    Our son is an 8th grader boarder and with all the great comments, photos, and videos we feel like we’re almost there. All your hard work is essential to creating a wonderful experience our son and communicating that to us parents. Thank you and please realize that all parents (and often grandparents) go to this website several times a day to check on the latest information about their child. So everything you do is gobbled up and often read over several times as we absorb the events and vicariously live the life of our child.

    All your work gives us understanding, comfort, and to be honest a little envy tht we’re not in the house too!

    Bob and Lynne

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