Building Our Boarding Community

It was a busy first full week for our students. Homework, team practices, and connecting with peers were high on the list of priorities, but not necessarily in that order!

Some of our grade 12s enjoying the sunshine!
Malte gets down to business reviewing some readings during prep!
There have been plenty of exciting battles on the pool table already and many more to come!
While donning his number one uniform this week, Ryan was living up to a common phrase heard in Bolton: “Dress the part”, and he sure looked sharp!
Bolton came together last weekend to participate in the first step towards creating shared agreements. It was an opportunity for students to express what kinds of characteristics they wanted to build into our boarding community.

Mr. Kim took the 9s and 10s on a trip downtown. Snacks appeared to be a common item on their shopping lists as did posters to brighten up their new rooms!

Grade 12 and Head of House, Adam, shares his 10 Essentials

In true GQ style, here is the list of Adam’s 10 Essentials, complete with a brief explanation!

  1. Mask – COVID is still here
  2. Basketball – movie “Like Mike” inspiration
  3. Chain – first chain that my mom bought for me
  4. Hat – dad’s old that that he wore for 10 years playing golf (“It’s part of my story.”)
  5. Pillow – glows in the dark
  6. Bag – also dad’s old bag that is older than me (“I like “thrifting” from my dad’s closet.”)
  7. Water bottle – hydration is important
  8. Cologne – to cover up the smell of my “gas”
  9. Eye mask – sensitive to light when sleeping (kind of offsets the glow-in-the-dark pillow..?)
  10. Toothbrush – hygiene very seriously

Getting Into the Swing of Things!

It was a wonderful first week for the Bolton students at SMUS! They have truly tried their best to get to know each other and get involved in all of the activities that the school has to offer.

Here are some highlights from the last week. Be sure to check back here every Sunday/Monday for more action from Bolton house and around the school.

Last Monday, our Grade 12’s were the first to arrive. They set up the house, planned some activities, and were ready to greet the new students to SMUS!

Then, everybody else arrived! It was great meeting the new students of Bolton!

Of course, the students got involved in sports tryouts and other activities right away!

Once every month or so, all 6 boarding houses come together to compete in House Games. This afternoon was our first House Games, so Bolton House was sure to come up with a game plan to make their presence known.

Of course, they had to start with practicing their house cheer in the common room, before revealing it (performing it) for all!

On the field, however, it was quite the scene! Here is a video of the cheer below (our house mascot is the Penguin!):

And here were the competing teams. Also, a wonderful chance to see all of the Bolton boys that are now roommates and friends!

The station that the Bolton House Parents organized was the Oreo Challenge. Students had to move the oreo from the forehead to the mouth without using their hands. It proved to be very entertaining, and watching the different methods was hilarious! Many laughs and good times were had by all (as you can see in the pictures below)!

We even have some sweet videos of the action too! Be sure to find Mr. Anderson, Director of the Senior School, demonstrating the task for all to see!

It was such a wonderful week! It will be awesome for students to head into their academic classes tomorrow knowing that they are finding balance and striving to prepare themselves for all aspects of their future (who knows when you will have to move that oreo across your face?!).

Boarding is such a unique experience and we can’t wait for all the moments that this year has to offer with the Bolton students!

Until next week!

Welcome to Bolton from Mr. Bell

Hi everyone! My name is Mr. Bell and I am very excited to be entering by third year in the Bolton House and sixth year as a House Parent with SMUS!

I was born and raised in Victoria and grew up just minutes from the St. Michaels campus. I teach grade 3 at the SMUS Jr. School and have coached basketball and volleyball at the SMUS for the past six years. I also love to play lacrosse and explore the island in my spare time! I am looking forward to an exciting and successful year in Bolton House!

👍 Welcome from the Kims! 👍

Welcome back everyone! It sure has been an enjoyable summer, but the level of excitement around campus for the past few days with people moving back in has been amazing. We are thrilled to be welcoming the new students into our building, and we hope that over the next few weeks, we can get to know each of you even better!

Mr. Kim has been a houseparent at SMUS on and off since 2014 and currently teaches physics at the senior school. He is actually a graduate of SMUS, having spent his Grade 6 to Grade 12 years at the school. During his time as a student, he really enjoyed playing on the soccer and rugby teams and playing his trombone in various bands and orchestras. In his off-time, Mr. Kim enjoys playing FIFA 21, watching Premier League soccer and playing soccer. He is always willing to chat with you, especially about soccer, rugby and soccer 😉

We are both excited to be starting this new chapter in boarding with everyone. We both believe that with the right attitudes and mindsets in place, we can continue to successfully emerge from this global pandemic and strengthen the bonds that already exist amongst boarding students and houseparents. If you are ever confused, stuck or generally curious, you are ALWAYS welcome to reach out to us and ask for a chat – it’s what we love to do!

See you around 🙂

Welcome from Mr. Fryer!

Happy New School Year!

My name is Evan Fryer, and I am the Senior Assistant House Parent in Bolton. I live on the third floor of the house with my Fiancée, Kelsey, and our dog Finnegan. This is my 10th year involved in the Boarding Program at SMUS, and my 4th year living in Bolton with the students!

I teach Math and Stats at the Senior School and coach the Sr. Boys Soccer Team (looking forward to another competitive season!). I’m also hoping that we can get a group of students to Whistler in February for a ski trip.

I can’t wait for another exciting year at SMUS!

Hello from Mr. Danskin, Ms. Hanna, & Chips!

We are excited to be starting our seventh year working in the Bolton/Timmis building. This is Mr. Danskin’s ninth year in boarding and Ms. Hanna’s eighth. We feel very fortunate to be part of such an amazing community and are looking forward to the year ahead. The return to mixed grades in boarding houses will be great and we look forward to getting to know the many new students joining Bolton this year. 

Ms. Hanna currently teaches in the Victoria School District as a learning support teacher. Mr. Danskin teaches Humanities and PE at the SMUS Middle School and coaches a variety of sports at the Middle School as well as helps out with rugby at the Senior School. Our dog Chips will once again be a fixture on the front steps during our duty shifts, and when not on duty he keeps himself busy chasing flies and digging holes in our backyard.

In our spare time, we love outdoor adventures and cooking delicious meals. We’re excited to share our experiences and passions with the boarding community and look forward to another great year!

Welcome to Bolton House from the Daum family!

We are the Daum family and live on the first floor of Bolton House. I (Clayton) am the Senior House Parent and work with the senior assistant house parent Evan Fryer to run the house, and attend to the day-to-day needs of the boys.  I have been a member of Bolton House for 11 years, and Amanda, my wife, has worked as a Junior Houseparent in Timmis and Symons House previously.

I have taught in the Modern Languages department at St. Michaels University School for 11 years as a Spanish teacher, and have branched out into Social Studies in the last couple of years, teaching Social Studies 10.  During my time here I have coached the Senior, Junior, and Grade 9 Boys Rugby teams and would encourage all the Bolton boys to get onto a team right away as it is the best way to connect and get involved.  Amanda is also a teacher at a local public school and was responsible for organizing and running House Olympics and Saturday Activities for the boarding community at SMUS for several years so has lots of experience dealing with teenage boys.

Our eldest son, Elliot, turned 8 this past summer and loves living in the house with all the “big boys”! He also loves having the best front yard in the world to play on every day! He is joined by his little brother James who will turn 6 in November and is anything but shy. We feel very fortunate to have our sons grow up with your sons in such a supportive and caring community where they are able to interact with young men from so many different cultures and traditions.  The new Bolton boys will certainly get to know Elliot and James well as they can easily be heard throughout the house as they play on the field!

Our emphasis this year will be on creating a cohesive bond between the returning and new students as we look to support one another through these first few weeks of change. We know that this will be a time of strong emotions and we are here and ready to support each boy in whatever way they may need. We look forward to watching these young men bond and form lifelong friendships as they face challenges, push themselves and try new things together.

We look forward to catching up with all of our returning boys, and to helping all of the new guys feel comfortable in their transition into Bolton and SMUS.  I am confident that this will be another great year in boarding!

Clayton Daum

‘Brotherhood, Honour, Strength’

Farewell Friends

Well, we have arrived at the last weekend of what has been a very strange year in Bolton House, at SMUS and in the world. Once more, we would like to say how immensely proud we are of every one of the boys in Bolton for their resilience, kindness and hard work. There is no doubt that we will all look back on this year with wonder that we got through it.

As this is the final weekend, there have been a lot of goodbyes with guys departing early to start their quarantine periods around the world. That means lots of early test writing like Will did for Mr. Fryer’s math class.

On the note of Mathematics, a big congratulations to Josh M for being the American Mathematics Competition 12 School Champion this year. It is no small feat to beat out the incredible level of talent that our school possesses in the realm of mathematics!

It was also the final rugby practice for the Grade 11 boys. They donned the Alumni game black jerseys for a final team run. The improvement over the last few months has been significant and we are well positioned for a strong season next year when school sports hopefully resume.

We also celebrated a final Bolton birthday for Dylan. His parents kindly provided snacks for all the students including cookies, chips and drinks; a perfect antidote to the doldrums of the last week of school assignments and tests!

Leo send us some photos from the last few weeks of school after he left – what an eye! Proof that he was deserving of the award for “Visual Artiste” at our closing dinner.

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Autosave-File vom d-lab2/3 der AgfaPhoto GmbH
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Ryan was part of the final Grade 11 and 12 Strings concert that was performed in front of the music building at lunch. The sounds were amazing, especially when they played the theme from the Queen’s Gambit!

Even the Headmaster, Mr. Turner, was present to honour long serving teacher Ms. Williams who is retiring at the end of this year. What a cool way to finish the year.

Some of Ryan’s groupies were there to cheer him on!

From all of us in Bolton House: Have a safe and fun summer wherever your destination may be and THNAK YOU for an amazing year!

This will be our last post until September. To all the parents, guardians and friends, thank you for your trust in us and for all of your support this year, we couldn’t do it without you.

The Beginning of the End

With the end of the year approaching, we are just beginning the first of the closing activities and ceremonies, which will take place over the next two weeks.

House Parents were so busy getting everything organized that we even had to ask Alana and Adam (Timmis/Bolton future head of houses) to step in and cover the duty office!! They also won the boarding award “Most Likely to Return as a House Parent”, so it was fitting that we asked them to cover the office (just for 10 minutes) 🙂

One morning, a few Bolton/Timmis students came together to start their day right! That is, with pancakes and berries!

This week, we also had the opportunity to connect with the Original Bolton Boys (who are all living in the Grade 12 house this year). Here they all are after receiving their ceremonial tankard after a quick speech and witty words from Mr. Daum! It was an awesome evening to re-connect with those Bolton Boys who are graduating !

Internally, we also had awards for our Grade 11 house this year that were voted on by the boys living here in Bolton.

First up, was The Cameron Award for Brotherhood. This award is named for Rob and Eva Cameron who, through their welcoming, familiar approach, brought boys from all five grades together under one roof when Bolton House first formed. It is granted to the boy who is most instrumental in uniting the diverse members of the house.

Adam, our future Head of House, was granted this award this year.

Second, was The Robert Common Award for Honour. This award is named for Robert Common, who personally modeled the behaviour that he expected of others and upheld the highest standards for Bolton House. It is granted to the boy who has similarly upheld high standards for himself and others.

Jonathan, our future Head Prefect, was the recipient of this award.

Finally, there was The Shergold Award for Strength. This award is named for Stephanie, Chuck, and Wendy Shergold, who endured great difficulty and tragedy but carried on in support of Bolton House, thinking consistently about others before themselves. It is granted to the boy who has shown strength of character in the face of adversity.

This year, Frank was the award winner.

See the gallery below for pictures and videos of the short ceremony!

This weekend also marked the start of the move-out process which meant bringing up all the bins from storage. Check out the sweet teamwork in the suitcase/bin assembly line!

We also had the ability to sit together as a building for a delicious, semi-formal event – one of the first of the year!! It was so wonderful to gather with everyone in the Sun Centre.

We also gave out some fun awards, including “the cleanest (and dirtiest) room” awards. Check out all the photos and videos of the action below.

Hip Hip Hooray! Our final housegames are underway! Stations of archery, GaGa ball, egg toss and and a few obstacle courses made for a great afternoon competing with our house.


Celebrating the Big and the Small

As Monday was a day off for the Victoria Day long weekend, a hearty crew set off to help Farmer Jim before he left for Fairy Creek to protest the logging of the old growth forest, what a guy!

Manure, manure everywhere! (and check out the bee hives being installed in the background)
Darrell collecting caterpillars to feed the chickens
2 new lambs were very nervous, but very cute!
Darrell vs Ruby in the early rounds of the wheelbarrow competition!
Dylan vs Kevin in qualifying rounds…
The grand final! Ryan vs Dylan vs Darrell!! An epic match!
The 3 little pigs! (Destined to become the 3 very large pigs at over 400lbs each by December!)
Some well-deserved apple juice after a hard afternoon of work.

This week we also said our formal goodbye to longtime houseparent Mr. Shaw who has just welcomed his beautiful daughter into the world and is stepping back from his role in Bolton to focus on his family. We wish him well and thank him for his many contributions to our community. We also welcomed Mr. Stewart to the house, as he will be joining us for the final couple weeks and full time starting in September. Welcome!

Goodbye Mr. Shaw, Hello Mr. Stewart (They are not just different height twins!)

Cohort A had their out trips this Thursday-Saturday with guys hiking, paddle boarding, rock climbing, and sea kayaking. Unfortunately for us, but fortunately for the boys, there were no phones on their trips so we only have this one pre-trip photo, but they sure look excited!

And apparently someone smuggled a phone in on the rock climbing trip so here are some awesome shots of Louis conquering “The Wall of Doom”! and the view from the top.

The Senior School hosted a Covid-limited Keep the Beat on Friday at lunch. While no Bolton boys performed, they did enjoy the sunshine and celebrated the talent on display including dance, singing and music.

The boys also had some time to relax as Will, Frank and Darrell duked it out on the Nintendo while Richard cheered them on. Frank is the new champion!

Two weeks to go of classes with some of our boys beginning to leave next week. We wish all the boys the heartiest of congratulations on making it through such a difficult year with such aplomb!