Fun In the Sun

When one enters the world of SMUS boarding, it is very easy to become tempted by delicious treats that seem to find their way into nearly all of the common spaces. This week, our collective challenge was limiting ourselves to only one of these delicious chocolate chip cookies that were baked up by our own Hanson Chan and Mr. Shaw…

Of course, some of us were not able to rise to that challenge and indulged in two, three, or more… To burn off those scrumptious calories, the Bolton boys kept busy and had an active week in and around the house. On Thursday afternoon, with the smoke clearing up in the skies, a group of the guys headed out to the fields to throw the ol’ pigskin around. Diego, Ryan, Richard, Jonathan, LeRoy, Adam and Subaig all worked up a sweat and had a great time.

The late evening was also an exciting time, with several members of the Bolton/ Timmis community letting the music flow and getting themselves into the dancing groove on the Wii. With Roberto leading by example, everyone had a great time practising their dance moves and partying up a storm.

We also had several of the Bolton boys head out to the fields for senior rugby. Kevin, Richard, both Adams, Roberto, Will, Eric, Subaig, and Louis donned their cleats and enjoyed some handling drills and touch rugby games under the grey skies.

Darrell, Diego and Richard decided to dust off their ping pong paddles and duke it out on the… table. There were some fierce rallies, and more than a few rivalries were sparked this night.

Today we hosted our first boarding House Games. The sun was shining and there were smiles everywhere – although that is a bit of a speculation because the masks were on! Students participated in a variety of fun little challenges to help generate some intra-house spirit.

Has it only been 1 week?!!

Somehow it has only been a week since our first boys started arriving back onto campus after 6 long months away! It feels as though so much has happened in the last week that it seems impossible that it has only been 7 days.

It has been a busy week with the arrival of several new boys to SMUS and of course the big move as the 3 boarding houses were reorganized into cohorts by grade. It has been such a pleasure to get to know the boys from Barnacle and Harvey House better. While we we have had them in classes and on teams, living together in the same house allows us all to connect in a way that is much more meaningful. The boys have done a fantastic job of getting to know each other and many new friendships have already been created.

We also had a chance to celebrate Richard’s birthday and show off our impressive singing talents on our first night as a group! Perhaps something to work on this year?

In addition to classes starting on Thursday, boys have been busy getting to know each other through activities in the house and out on the field. It is great to see everyone being so active already as sports are going to start up this week with lots of options for all levels and interests. Eric has taken things to a new level with his own workout station in his room!

The weekend was also very busy despite the smoke from the wild fires south of the border that filled the sky with a gray mist. Mr. Kim took a small group downtown to stroll around the inner harbour and get a delicious ice cream…

… some other hardy sould braved the smoke to summit Mt. Doug where they were rewarded with a spectacular view of…. well nothing actually. Just lots of smoke…

…but the descent was fun! (It is more entertaining if you watch it a double speed!)

Richard, Kevin and Diego enjoyed some delicious bread and soup at Pagliacci’s restaurant downtown…

… and on Sunday morning, another group baked over 100 delicious chocolate chip cookies for the rest of the building!

Since there are so many new things happening this year, we thought we would also try something new on Saturday night. Students were invited to watch a movie on a giant outdoor screen set up in the quad and were treated to a delicious dessert of cotton candy, popcorn and mini donuts! Boarders also had a chance to donate or purchase a t-shirt in support of the annual Terry Fox Run which is celebrating 40 years since he began his incredible journey across Canada.

We are looking forward to settling into the routines of our first full week starting tomorrow and know that the boys will rise to the challenges of their academic courses while building life-long friendships. Check back next week for more highlights!

Welcome from Mr. Fryer!

Happy New School Year!

My name is Evan Fryer and I live on the third floor of Bolton House as the Senior Assistant House Parent. This is my 9th year involved in the Boarding Program at SMUS, and my third year living in Bolton with the boys. I am very excited about contributing to the unique culture of this fantastic Grade 11 house!

I also teach in the Mathematics Department at the Senior School and coach the Sr. Boys Soccer Team. Outside of SMUS, I referee professional soccer games and love to travel.

I can’t wait for another exciting year at SMUS!

Welcome From Mr Shaw

My name is Kyle Shaw and this will be my 7th year in Bolton House as an Assistant Houseparent. I teach science at the senior school and am currently pursuing a master’s degree in school counselling. I love everything that Vancouver Island has to offer and spend most of my free time camping, boating, crabbing and fishing up and down the coast. I spent most of my summer building a small cabin on a piece of property that I own near Hot Springs Cove. My favourite part about working in boarding is the strong sense of community within the house and all of the amazing connections that I make with both the staff and students. I am looking forward to another amazing year!

Welcome back! Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Kim :)


Welcome back everyone! It sure has been a different start to the school year, but the level of excitement around campus for the past few days with people moving back in has been amazing. We are thrilled to be joining the Grade 11 house this year, and we hope that over the next few weeks, we can get to know each of you even better!

Mr. Kim has been a houseparent at SMUS on and off since 2014 and a math/ science/ ADST teacher since 2018. He is actually a graduate of SMUS, having spent his Grade 6 to Grade 12 years at the school. During his time as a student, he really enjoyed playing on the soccer and rugby teams and playing his trombone in various bands and orchestras. In his off-time, Mr. Kim enjoys playing FIFA 20, watching Premier League soccer and playing soccer. He is always willing to chat with you, especially about soccer, rugby and soccer 😉

Mrs. Kim is also a SMUS graduate, having spent her Grade 7 to 12 years at the school. While she was a student here, she rocked the stage in various musicals, dabbled in volleyball and played the viola in several orchestras. She has always been into the sciences, which has led her to become a research associate as a Masters student at the University of Victoria. She currently works in a lab that studies the MECP2 protein and Rett Syndrome. If any of you have science questions… You know whom to ask!

We are both excited to be starting this new chapter in boarding with everyone. We both believe that with the right attitudes and protocols in place, we can continue to navigate our way around this global pandemic and strengthen the bonds that already exist amongst boarding students and houseparents. If you are ever confused, stuck or generally curious, you are ALWAYS welcome to come knock on our door and ask for a chat – it’s what we love to do!

See you around 🙂

Welcome to the Grade 11 House from Mr. Bell!

Hi everyone! My name is Mr. Bell and I am very excited to be entering by second year in the Bolton House and fifth year as a House Parent with SMUS!

I was born and raised in Victoria and grew up just minutes from the St. Michaels campus. I work as a teacher in the Victoria School District and have coached basketball and volleyball at the SMUS for the past six years. I also love to play lacrosse and explore the island in my spare time! I am looking forward to an exciting and successful year in the Grade 11 House!

Hello from Mr. Danskin, Ms. Hanna, and Chips!

We are excited to be starting our sixth year working in the Bolton/Timmis building. This is Mr. Danskin’s eighth year in boarding and Ms. Hanna’s seventh. We feel very fortunate to be part of such an amazing community and are looking forward to the year ahead. Although things will look a little different, ‘with change comes opportunity’ and supporting our students through these challenging times is an exciting prospect.

Ms. Hanna currently teaches in the Victoria School District as a learning support teacher. Mr. Danskin teaches Humanities and PE at the SMUS Middle School and coaches a variety of sports at the Middle School as well as helps out with rugby at the Senior School. Our dog Chips is also excited to be a fixture on the front steps during our duty shifts, and when not on duty he keeps himself busy chasing flies and digging holes in our backyard.

In our spare time we love outdoor adventures and cooking delicious meals. We are excited to share our experiences and passions with the boarding community and look forward to another great year!

Welcome to Bolton House from the Daum Family

We are the Daum family and live on the first floor of Bolton House. I (Clayton) am the Senior House Parent and work with the senior assistant house parent Evan Fryer to run the house, and attend to the day to day needs of the boys.  I have been a member of Bolton House for 10 years, and Amanda, my wife, has worked as a Junior Houseparent in Timmis and Symons House previously.

I have taught in the Modern Languages department at St. Michaels University School for 10 years as a Spanish teacher, and have branched out into the Social Studies in the last couple of years, teaching Social Studies 10.  During my time here I have coached the Senior, Junior and Grade 9 Boys Rugby teams and would encourage all the Bolton boys to get onto a team right away as it is the best way to connect and get involved.  Amanda is also a teacher at a local public school, and was responsible for organizing and running House Olympics and Saturday Activities for the boarding community at SMUS for several years so has lots of experience dealing with teenage boys.

Our eldest son, Elliot Daum, turned 7 this past summer and loves living in the house with all the “big boys”! He also loves having the best front yard in the world to play on every day! He is joined by his little brother James who will turn 5 in November and is anything but shy. We feel very fortunate to have our sons grow up with your sons in such a supportive and caring community where they are able to interact with young men from so many different cultures and traditions.  The new Bolton boys will certainly get to know Elliot and James well as they can easily be heard throughout the house as they play on the field!

Our emphasis this year will be on creating a cohesive bond between the returning and new students as we look to support one another through these first few weeks of change. We know that this will be a time of strong emotions and we are here and ready to support each boy in whatever way they may need. We look forward to watching these young men bond and form lifelong friendships as they face challenges, push themselves and try new things together.

We look forward to catching up with all of our returning boys, and to helping all of the new guys feel comfortable in their transition into Bolton and SMUS.  I am confident that this will be another great year in boarding!

Clayton Daum

‘Brotherhood, Honour, Strength’

An Early Break

While not quite how we envisioned the last week before Spring Break playing out, we are pleased to know all boys have managed to find a place to set up camp while we wait for this unfortunate storm to pass. Please check back on the SMUS website for regular updates once we near a return to classes on the 14th of April.

In an attempt to lighten the mood a bit, here is a post with some very positive results from the season openers of both the junior and senior rugby teams. It all began earlier in the week with a SMUS Got Talent event at assembly where Matt, Toby, Benny, and Jack showed off their passing skills.


The Junior Boys Team, featuring, Benny, Jason H, Jason L, Gavin, Leo, Adam L, and Pablo won in emphatic fashion running up the score with slick ball-handling and strong running.  Adam, Leo, and Pablo saw lots of action playing in the back 3 while Benny was a physical force in the front row. Gavin directed traffic and had some strong runs while the “Jasons squared” added valuable contributions in the forward pack. Here is a quick video featuring a nice tackle from Pablo.

Not to be outdone, the Senior Team featuring Efosa, Toby, Jack, Matt, and Logan put their skills to the test in the annual Boot Game competition held under the lights of the University of Victoria Centennial Stadium.  Always an entertaining event, Oak Bay went into the game having won the last two meetings and leading the series 14 wins to 12 with one tie.


As always, SMUS supporters were out in force to cheer on the boys and their help was instrumental in the eventual shutout victory.


Pablo was especially enthusiastic as he and some friends made giant printouts of faces!


This was a great way to start the season and all Bolton boys played very well and were fully deserving of the trophy. Congratulations on bringing the Boot home. (The girls’ rugby team also beat Oak Bay, so all in all a very good day for SMUS rugby!)

Finally, in the spirit of helping others during this difficult time, Pablo, Nokia, Alan, and Seb all volunteered to help pack up and move the books from the school library book sale. This was done despite needing to pack and prepare for their departure and their help was much appreciated.

book drive

We wish all the Bolton Boys and their families good health and time in which to enjoy it with each other. We are keen to have them back once classes resume and look forward to sharing our stories of how it all went.

Music Mania


This has been an exciting week for many in the school with the Senior School Musical “Newsies” finally hitting the big stage. Ryan (in the role of Romeo) and Xavier (in the role of Bunsen) have put in countless hours rehearsing, learning their lines and working on their dance moves. Houseparent Mr. Butterfield was also a key figure as the Music Director. The show was spectacular on all fronts and both boys were tremendous on stage. Congratulations to those 2 and all the students and staff involved in putting together this very impressive piece of theater.

BoTi Newsies

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Also on display at the theater was the artwork of several Bolton boys.  Here are some of the pieces.  The talents of our house are outstanding!


This was also a busy week on the athletics front with Ryan S. and Fabian rowing in their first regatta of the new year. Neekan, Joshua and Patt were winners against Brentwood on the tennis court and no fewer than 12 boys participated in the first rugby games of the season on Tuesday. Matt and Justin finished off their basketball season with a 12th place finish at the Provincial Tournament in Langley.


This coming week has the ever-popular and exciting “Boot Game” against cross-town rival Oak Bay.  It is certain to be an exciting event and Bolton will be well represented with 14 players taking the pitch between the Senior and Junor teams. Here are Benny and Jason H working on their scrum technique in the hallway to the cheers of their housemates!


Nokia completed his surfboard that has been in the works for several years. It was a labour of love with many late nights and a lot of sweat.  It will be proudly displayed in the Bolton hallway this year.  Well done Nokia.


Xavier organized a chess tournament last weekend and those who attended enjoyed some intrigue and strategy while eating some delicious donuts. Ping pong was also popular with Sebastian and Xavier in an electrifying game that went to extra time.


It was Benny’s birthday last Sunday and he was treated to a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday by the boys:

This week also saw the final session of the Foreign Language Reading Buddies program, a new initiative that the Modern Languages Department has started in which students new to Spanish, French or Mandarin have an opportunity to work with students who are proficient in those three languages. Bolton House was well represented.


Efosa was overwhelmed by the delicious dinner that the Sun Center prepared last Wednesday. While not quite brought to tears, it was close! I think the number of plates speaks for itself.


Saturday activities were a bit more limited this week as so many students went to watch the musical. Here is one from last week as a crew went out to help Farmer Jim.  This has become a favorite activity for several of the Bolton boys and it is wonderful to see their enthusiasm to help others.farmer Jim Gavin worked on a scrapbook, Adam helped clean up a local beach and Nokia went to watch the musical with a large group of boarders.