The Curious Case of the Exceptionally High Numbers of Bolton Boys in the Musicals.

Last year during the school production of Ragtime, the stage was seemingly overrun by Bolton boys. Will, Joel, Christian, David and Bolu were amazing and dedicated and we thought that it was good luck there there were so many members of the house to applaud.

It turns out this is now a bit of a trend! Will and Joel have returned to the stage joined by Laurent, Garry and Matthias, all with speaking roles, and  Jerry joined the pit orchestra too. The show was super entertaining  and we were so impressed by the dedication, hard work and talent and humour we saw in all the performers. The big question remains – what makes Bolton so musical?

If you are interested in reading Will’s take on the musical, check out this article on the SMUSpaper.

The musical’s run is over now but earlier this week, as the cast was in dress rehearsal, the Senior Art Show opened. Alan, Antonio, Bryan, David, Jom, Ranon, Stanley, Tuan, Tung, Vincent, Turay, Mohammed, Nemesio, Gedeon, Jack, Mikhail, Matthias, Joel, Justin, Andres, Dionisio and Georg all had art in the show. The opening was a hit with 125 people in attendance and many more saw their art during the intermission of the musical.

As all this was going on there were many other activities on campus. Some got their heart rate up in spin class. Some explored downtown, looking for the tastiest dessert. While others gave up some free time to volunteer cleaning campus and organizing the art room.

Enjoy Spring Break! We will see everyone back soon!


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