Finding Balance during Exam Week

We are well into the Second Term on campus, and there have been many activities that have happened for the Bolton Boys. The days are starting to get a little bit longer with more day light, which means that Spring Break will be here in no time. Here are a few shots of a Sunset from this week!


It was nice to pause and watch this sunset, especially as the Grade 11 and 12 students were busy preparing for their Midterm Assessment Week. This weekend marked the end of that period, and students are now enjoying their well-deserved break.



Since the Christmas Break we have also put a a series of puzzles in the Bolton / Timmis foyer. Here are a few snaps from that!



Antonio, our head of house, had an awesome idea. Xavier from Grade 10 decided to put his idea into action and organize a Chess Tournament for the house. It was the perfect mind warm-up before exams!


During the day, our Grade 9 students participated in an Egg Drop to develop some of their teamwork skills.



On Monday night, Iker’s family decided to throw a pizza party for Bolton House to celebrate his birthday. There was pizza and cake for everyone, and it felt like a Friday night in Bolton. There was even enough to share with some of the girls too!

Of course, amidst the busy academic schedule, keeping the boys’ rooms clean sometimes is forgotten about. However, thankfully, we had our new head of school, Mr. Mark Turner, do a duty shift in Bolton House and give the white glove approval to our boys. Such a good photo below!


Needless to say, our house was extremely clean last week!

Tomorrow is a big day for Bolton House. During our first HouseGames of 2019, we took the lead in the running for House Cup. In order to maintain (and grow) this lead, the boys decided to organize a training session in floor hockey! Here are some photos from the training session:

Hopefully we stand a chance against our rivals Harvey and Barnacle tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned for an update with the new standings in the next blog post!

Although we don’t have too many pictures of the boys’ academic pursuits, they are working very hard in the classroom. We hope this blog highlights some of the “lighter” activities on campus that allow the Bolton Boys to find balance in their days and lives. We hope to keep sharing these photos with you every Saturday! Don’t forget to check back every Sunday morning for a new post!




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