Spooky Scary Halloween!

The end of October means the beginning of a new “mester”, lots of colourful leaves on the ground, school photos, and of course, Halloween!

The week leading up to Halloween Saturday was a busy one, with Jonathan, Joshua, Ryan C and Eric X getting us in a starry mood with a fancy rendition of “City of Stars” at Boarder’s Chapel. Who knew that these boys were so musically talented!

Midway through the week, the boys donned their best #1 uniforms and got their hair ready for Photo Day. Robert, Jason, Joshua, Eric X, Ryan C, Leo and Frank took some time to show off their regulation grey socks…

LeRoy decided to step things up a notch and stepped in front of the green screen to dazzle us with his impeccable style. Good thing that the school photo doesn’t go as far down as the shoes though!

On Thursday night, our superhero nurses from the Health Centre came around the boarding house to administer flu shots. There were definitely a few of us who were a bit worried about the needles, but we all stuck together and we managed to vaccinate ourselves just fine 🙂

And then… the first Full-Moon-Halloween-Saturday in 76 years came around.

Things started off pretty normal during the early afternoon, with Darrell, Richard, Ryan C, Eric X, Joshua and Timmis girls Emma and Jenny heading down to Farmer Jim’s farm to move some horse manure and enjoy some delicious apple treats. Everyone worked extremely hard and got some much-needed exercise!

The Sun went down, however, and evening time rolled around. The big full moon brought with it a whole bunch of zombies, dinosaurs and more during our very successful (and spooky!) trick-or-treating session in the Bolton and Timmis hallways.

Eric L became zombie-fied for the night..!
Hot costume item of the Halloween season – masks.
Sam from Timmis didn’t so much “hand out” candy, as much as “throw” candy.
One of the stops in Timmis House!
Eric L the zombie is coming to get you…
Too late – you’re toast!
One of the stops in Bolton House.
Scary masks all around..!

And if the costumes and haunted houses weren’t spooky enough, we had quite possibly the flukiest pool shot of the century happen on this night too!

We now shift gears to November and the fall season. There are lots of new sports being offered and lots of new courses, which will be sure to keep all of our Bolton boys busy and entertained! Until next time, stay positive out there 🙂

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