Fair Weather for the Club & Council Fair!

Now that the Bolton students have settled into their academics, now is the time at SMUS to get involved in many extra-curricular activities. Term 1 Sports like the Volleyball Team and Soccer Team have already been competing for a few weeks! See the videos from the soccer game here where LeRoy, Subaig, Harun and Louis displayed some great talent out on the field:

Last week SMUS held the clubs and councils fair. So many exciting opportunities! I heard there was even a “Sneaker Club” this year! Here are some photos of the Bolton Boys during the event:

Of course, at SMUS, it is all about balance! Students strive to be a part of athletics, music, and clubs, but also need to focus on their academics in the evenings. Here is a photo of roommates Justin and Ernest during Quiet Hour!

Also, this week was the Jubilee Assembly on the school field – Students from K-12 arrived at the Richmond Road campus for the special event. There was also a scarf and hat for the celebration for every student.

We celebrate our Jubilee anniversary this school year, marking 50 years since the amalgamation of St. Michael’s School and University School in 1971. This transformational event led to the successful and highly admired Kindergarten to Grade 12 boarding and day school that we know and love today.

Various activities and events will take place on our campuses during the 2021-22 school year.

Here is an article from our SMUS storyteller, Kyle Slavin, about the event!

And here are some pictures of the Bolton boys taking in the festivities:

As was apparent during the assembly, the alumni network is such an important part of the school. Once students graduate from SMUS we, as house parents, love seeing old Bolton students return to campus for a visit.

Last week brothers David (Grade 2014) and Dimitri (Grad 2016) visited the campus and were able to get a picture with past Sr. House Parents Chris and Jenn Bateman. It was wonderful to catch up with them and hear about their adventures abroad.

With the end of another full week at SMUS, comes the start of a new one. We look forward to hearing the stories from the Grade 9’s who were on out trips until today, as well as the Grade 10’s who leave on out trips this Wednesday. I’m sure there are plenty of adventures still to be add for all of the Bolton students.

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