Little known fact: Penguins excel in the kitchen, on the field and in the stands!

With the end of the term and an extended spring break upon us, the Bolton Penguins show how well-rounded we can be!

Max was feeling like a homecooked meal so he made himself some spaghetti; while Hanson and Darren made and sold their specialty grilled cheese sandwiches for their business class!

Declan and the Grade 9 basketball team placed 5th in the province at the provincial championships! They even had the energy to cheer on the Senior Girls basketball team in the finals of their provincials.

Always giving a helping hand, Savo, along with Martin, Nokia, and Seb, helped the senior rugby team to a few wins over the week! Savo was also the most recent recipient of the Bolton Pin!

The rest of the week flew by as it was the end of term four. This meant a lot of studying, tests and some much needed rest over the weekend. This Monday is the beginning of term five and Friday marks the beginning of spring break. Students will be heading all over the world! Many going straight home or visiting family nearby and some are going on a music trip to Cuba. We wish everyone a safe, positive, and relaxing break! We will see you back in April.

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