A super week!

Check out this super interview with Bolton’s very own Digvijay as part of the Best School Year Ever campaign. Interview with Digvijay

Evan, Naashkii and Digvijay

This Thursday SMUS was host to a massive flu vaccination for over 250 students and staff. It was a super slick operation with 3 pharmacists, 2 nurses and a lot of brave students!

The room clean for this week had a new trophy up for grabs, “The Super Bowl” for cleanest toilet. There were some incredible efforts made to clean inside and out. The Thursday night winners really went above and beyond!

Now this is getting serious!!
And the winner is…
Congratulations to Lucas and Noah!

Friday night saw a large crew head to the local arena for a super exciting hockey game. The local team, the Victoria Royals, came from behind to win the game in overtime 4-3. The SMUS students got a special shout out and were featured many times on the jumbotron!

Digvijay in the background looking excited!
Noah looking even more excited!
Jero and his friends enjoying the evening
Go Royals!
Sorry about the poor filming, but you can still see how much fun was being had, even sideways!
And the Royals tie it up with a couple minutes left….
I thought they would be a bit bigger and faster…
And the Royals win!!

Teigan helping to keep the house tidy. Sometimes getting up on time on a Saturday morning can be super tough!

Despite the holiday season being just around the corner, Rentaro and Lucas braved a haunted escape room on Saturday morning. It was a super tough day with no one successfully escaping, but fun was still had!

Savo, Hanson, Teigan, and Kenneth braved the super wet and cold weather to help clean a local beach. Great to see the boys thinking about others and pushing themselves out of their comfort zones.

Savo with the find of the day!
Cold and wet, but super proud!

Students from Theatre 12 put on a play called “12 Angry Jurors” at the Langham Court Theatre. A busload of boarding students travelled down to support the superb performance! From Bolton House, Malik and Louis were on stage and, by all accounts, stole the show!

A very fancy poster by all accounts..! Can you find Louis and Malik?

We now look ahead to the beginning of Term 3 this coming week. With lots of assessments and project deadlines coming up, the Bolton crew will be busy but we are also looking forward to the fun and laughter that the new week will bring!

Spike, Sweep and Skate! Bolton Students Showed Off Their Competitive Spirit!

Nothing gets the competitive juices going more than a little room clean challenge! Cyrus and Eric and Noah and Lucas are the winners of the Timmis Trophy this week!

Chris, Malte, LeRoy and the rest of the Senior Boys Volleyball team came back from Nanaimo with a bronze medal around their neck and a berth into the Provincials after a successful weekend battling at the Island Championship! Go Boys Go!

Jason and Louis cheer on the Senior Girls Volleyball team as they battle for the top seed in the Island

Not only do we have great athletes in the house but we have some of the best team spirit from the side lines! Bolton Cheer Squad???

Subaig and LeRoy keeping the vibes high during the girls island final!

No skunking today! Alan and Cyrus battle each other to the bitter end in a game of cribbage!

Our next competition might just have to be Boarding Idol! The Bolton boys show off their vocal range signing a lovely rendition of Happy Birthday to Ai and Jason who celebrated their birthdays on the same day!

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Jason and Ai, Happy Birthday to you!

A break from your regular scheduled competition with a glimpse of sun and fresh air! Teagan and Ai had a great time exploring Fort Rodd Hill over the weekend!

And to end the week, the Bolton crew competed hard at another installment of House Games. This month, it was Floor Hockey and many fun (and challenging) minute-to-win-it challenges!

Check out the photos/videos below!

Rain, Remembrance, and Random Fun

About half of the boys stayed on campus this weekend as the school shut down for the Remembrance Day weekend. They were kept busy in a variety of ways with all sorts of activities, both planned and unplanned, taking place.

On Thursday morning the Senior School was once more able to join as a full community in the double gym to honour the fallen students and staff who fought in the First and Second World Wars from St. Michaels School and University School. As always, it was a powerful experience.

Malik and prefects handing out poppies before the service.

Here is the link to the full service if you wish to see what the boys saw.

Remembrance Day Service

Hanson singing in the Senior School Choir

On Thursday night, a big crew went downtown to watch the newest installment of the James Bond series. Here are Ryan and Mujtaba settling in for the show with their popcorn and nacho dinners!

…and Rentaro and Lucas on the light meal plan!

Ai spent Friday morning perfecting the art of macaron making at a local patisserie, Bon Macaron, in downtown Victoria.

On Friday afternoon, Mr. Driscoll recruited a number of the Bolton boys to help him rescue the Bolton-Timmis duty desks that had been put into storage when the pandemic first began and the school was looking to eliminate areas where people might gather. A big thank you to Ai, Seb, Nokia, Michael, Digvijay and Malte for their help!

Easy does it!
Almost there!
That’s one way to do it!
And now the hard part, back to Bolton!
At least it wasn’t raining!

Friday night also had a special treat in the dining hall with a dessert smorgasbord! It was hard to pick just one, so most people tried them all!

Here are a couple of shots from last week’s regatta at Elk Lake. Malik, Ernest, and Ryan were all very successful in their races with nothing but 1st and 2nd place finishes all weekend!

I wonder if Diego’s hair slows the boat down at all?
Malik in the zone!
Never in doubt!

There was a board games night in the Sun Centre on Friday night. Below, you can see Seb engaged in an intense chess battle against ex-Bolton member Hanson.

Seb’s Gambit!

On Saturday, Ms. Baghat hosted an advanced sushi-making class for the boarders. From Bolton, Alan and Jero took on the challenge of making some fancy sushi art! Photos below:

Alan and Jero, fresh off their sushi-making pursuits, decided to challenge themselves further with Korean Fire Noodles from Fairway Market. They handled it quite well, much to the surprise of Mr. Kim..!

Ernest, Ai, Hanson and Wataru headed off to Farmer Jim’s for a very wet afternoon of wheelbarrowing!

After such an eventful day, everyone benefitted from some delicious pizza for dinner.

Not to be outdone by the Saturday slate of activities, Sunday had Mrs. Kim run a soap-making activity in the Sun Centre Commons where each student had the chance to pour, and take home, three bars of handmade soap! Malte showed off his Salt Bae skills.

In a similar vein of artistic prowess, Wataru and Hanson created a couple of functional and decorative(?) boxes…

Just getting started…
Almost done…

Later that night, Alan and Jero wandered through downtown learning about the many hauntings and ghosts that call Victoria home! The torrential downpour added to the overall effect!

Here’s Justin getting ready to do some work in his room but making sure to stay dry just in case!

Lucas, Rentaro and Ai made the big trip across the water to visit a giant shopping mall in Tsawwassen. The ferry ride was very rough given the stormy weather, but they returned safely and with matching sweaters!

While there was much merriment and fun to be had, there was also some time for work, especially with the Grade 12’s who are still working on university applications.

And so ends the last long weekend of 2021. There are just under 3 weeks to go in term 2 and only 23 days of classes left before we depart for winter break! We are so proud of all the work each and every boy has put into making this year a success.

FALLing Back (Into Routines)

The clocks fell back last night with the end of Daylights Savings Time in British Columbia, giving the Bolton boarders a chance to get an additional hour of sleep! Never before have the Bolton students arrived so early for morning check-in time 🙂

This weekend also marks the completion of two weeks of Term 2. With report cards finally released on Friday, conversations of reflection are happening with the students about their academic strengths and areas for improvement. Students are now back into the swing of things, academically, and creating new routines to set themselves up for success.

At the Senior School, students celebrated Day of the Dead (or Dia De Los Muertos).

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is IMG_5902-1024x768.jpg
Day of the Dead Display in the Spanish Classroom

Dia De Los Muertos is a two day holiday that reunites the living and dead. Families create ofrendas (Offerings) to honor their departed family members that have passed. These altars are decorated with bright yellow marigold flowers, photos of the departed, and the favorite foods and drinks of the one being honored. The offerings are believed to encourage visits from the land of the dead as the departed souls hear their prayers, smell their foods and join in the celebrations! https://dayofthedead.holiday/

In the boarding house, Ai got his photo from one of his previous Saturday activities printed on canvas for the Bolton hallway. Pretty Awesome!

Students also participated in another round of wonderful Saturday Activities.

One group went to the BC Legislature and then an IMAX movie called “Sea Lions: Life in a Whisker”. The group was taken on a magical journey as they were offered a fascinating glimpse inside the world of Australian sea lions in the riveting nature documentary.

Digvijay and Teigan joined a group on a tour of the World Famous Butchart Gardens! Although it was a little rainy at first, the skies turned blue and they had a wonderful time!

Here are some other random shots from around the house and campus, including a few of Mr. Danskin’s and Ms. Hanna’s dog Chips. There is also one photo of an actual bag of Chips! 🙂

Meet our newest Bolton Brother, Mujtaba!

Where are you from and what are you looking forward to this year?

I am from Oman and I am looking forward to having great social interactions, good marks and overall self improvement!

What are some of your favourite things to do?

I love watching movies and reading books in my spare time. I especially like fantasy and sci-fi movies. My favourite movie (at the moment) is Interstellar!

What do you most value in your friends?

  1. Loyalty
  2. Appreciation
  3. Fun to be around!

When and where are you happiest?

Obviously, I am happiest when I am with my family but I am pretty happy when I achieve a goal or finish a task I have been working on!

What your personal motto?

“One who can not abandon everything, can not achieve anything”

It is great to have you in the house Mujtaba!

This is a big one so settle in!

It has been a very busy week in boarding and around the school for the boys of Bolton House so grab a cup of coffee, settle in and enjoy the pictures and videos.

First up, we have housegames from last Sunday. Outdoor soccer, indoor soccer, and Cardio Pictionnary rounded out the day. The boys played with passion and skill in the soccer games and the enthusiasm for Pictionary and charades was outstanding!! The end result was that Bolton House is very much in the lead in the House Cup standings with 71.5 points!

Senior outdoor soccer
Junior outdoor soccer
Indoor soccer
Pictionary Team 1
Pictionary Team 2
Pictionary Team 3
And the other broken piece of Team 3!
Ernest and Boris rounding out Team 2

And some live action videos…

Post games cheer
So fun to see live sports!
Savo on fire!
Wind…waves…wind…current, wind current? WINDY!!
The psychic connection of the Wippell brothers!
Ryan in his element!
singing… shower… singing in the shower!!
It was intense down to the wire!
Check out the hard foul at on Malte at 23 seconds which resulted in…
Nice shiner Malte!!

The rest of the week seemed to pass in blur with the anticipation of Halloween looming on Friday. The energy and excitement did not disappoint and neither did the costumes as many of the boys jumped into the spirit of things as you can see from the photos below…

And some live action videos

Is that Ted Lasso?!… Nope, just Malik.
Alan and Jero going for some toilet humour!
What a scene!
Is there anything funnier than blow up suits?
Maybe blow up suits wrestling?!

Here is a link to the photo gallery with a lot more pictures of all the costumes. https://resourcespace.smus.ca/pages/search.php?search=%21last1000&order_by=resourceid

Check out these spooky ghost stories from SMUS lore as well!

Friday night was relatively quiet with lots of the Bolton Boys taking advantage of some free time to work out and play some sports with friends. So good to see the boys being active.

Rentaro and Lucas playing squash
Ai and Wataru working on their 3 pointers! Former Bolton boy Benny knows how to do it!
Ryan from half….!
Look at those muscles…. except Jason on his phone…..
oh wait, there they are!

Saturday was an absolutely beautiful day with sunshine, warm air and lots of activities on offer. Ai and Wataru climbed Mt. Doug along with Mr. Danskin’s dog Chips…

What a view!

Lucas, Kenneth and Rentaro joined Mr. Daum to do some work for Farmer Jim…

Digging a pit for a new post pad.
A delicious treat for break time!

Digvijay and Teigan collaborated on a pumpkin just in time for the big night…

Q: How do you fix a broken pumpkin? A: With a pumpkin patch!

Fall is officially here on campus…

This week brought the end to term 1. It has been quiet in the boarding house this weekend transitioning into term 2. Everyone has been taking a much needed break from studying.

The girls and boys volleyball teams have been playing lots this week. Chris was helping out on the court and a group of Bolton were supporting the girls from the stands.

HUT HUT! Kaz and Jero playing football in the quad

Roommates Nokia and Michael were the recipients of the Timmis trophy for having the cleanest room on Tuesday!

There has been lots of studying for the end of term assessments.

House Meeting – Josh reading the week ahead!

Kenneth and Hanson doing some macrame
Decorating the entrance and foyer for Halloween

Sunny, Sunny Days

The weather forecast was for “an atmospheric river” this weekend, but as you can see from all the photos below, Saturday was anything but! We had boys out and about all over the place including Witty’s Lagoon with some awesome fall colours…

… others were out playing soccer all morning with Mr. Kim…

Mr. Kim’s body cam… try not to get motion sickness!
Harun off the post!!

… and still others went on a bit of ride to visit a new attraction on the Malahat highway called “Skywalk” (https://malahatskywalk.com/) and took in some amazing views and even more amazing slide rides.

This was also a very exciting day as Oscar managed to arrive to morning check-in early with the help of Chris. Here they are celebrating this monumental occasion with a firm handshake.

Just in case the weather does turn bad, the boys have also been honing their indoor soccer skills and a new challenge ladder has been established with Harun as the current reigning #1 player.

We were supposed to have housegames this Sunday, but given the forecast and the fact that this is the final week of Term 1 with a lot of assessments each day, it was decided that we would postpone until next week. As a result, Louis and Adam L were able to play in a Castaway Wanderer game down at MacDonald Park. Along with several other SMUS boarders and day students who are also playing, this extra training bodes well for a rewarding rugby season in the spring.

Louis and Adam with Mr. Danskin just before kickoff

Ai and Teigan were also busy with their rugby development working on some line outs in preparation for their game against Shawnigan Lake.

That’s better!

And both soccer teams were in action on Tuesday, Noah, Marcus and Jero helped in a 2-1 win for the juniors while Harun, LeRoy, Louis, Subaig and fought hard but came up short against a very good St. Andrews team.

As mentioned, this is the last week of term 1 so the boys will need to be focused and ensure that they are taking care of themselves with adequate sleep, good food and lots of water. We look forward to a relaxing and fun weekend between terms and are keen to see the Bolton Boys battle it out for some House Cup points.

Thankful for Our Community!

Happy Thanksgiving to our extended family around the world!

Ryan B. and Ernest enjoying the Spindle Whorl Ceremony this week in Perfect #1 Uniforms!

It is always wonderful, in the midst of a busy term, to pause for a moment to reflect on where we are at. That is what I love about the Thanksgiving Long Weekend as it provides the opportunity to do just that.

To start off the blog this week, what could be more enjoyable than all of our Grade 12 students volunteering to sing “Baby” by Justin Bieber for the SMUS boarding open mic night. Some wonderful vocal talents on display!

All of our Grade 12’s in Bolton singing Baby by Justin Bieber at Open Mic Night!

With the mitigation of COVID-19 also comes the opportunity to, once again, compete in competitive sports against other schools. As the coach of the Sr. Boys Soccer team, I (Mr. Fryer), have loved the ability to work with our students to improve their confidence as athletes. There are so many lessons that can be learned from sports, so I am very thankful to be able to work with the team once again.

Earlier in the week, I had the opportunity to head down and check-out the Sr. Boys Volleyball team, comprised of LeRoy, Malte, and Chris from Bolton. Here are a few freeze frame shots – I tried my best 🙂 There are also a couple of sweet videos, showing some crucial points where they eventually came out on top of Oak Bay and Belmont (only by 1 point in the Belmont game).

LeRoy said, after the game, that the crowd and the cheering from his friends makes the game so much better and that the team really thrives from that:

This weekend, some students had the chance to travel to nearby locations for Thanksgiving with family and friends. Others decided to remain on campus and take part in the festivities, including some great options for activities.

Here is a quick video of Digvijay making a slam dunk at the Flying Squirrel. Some great vertical on the leap:

Digvijay is “thankful” for the extra assistance on the jump 🙂

Ai, Ryan B., and Noah joined students from other houses to travel to East Sooke Park for a big hike. It was such a great day for it, and Ai took some stunning photos.

All of these photos were taking by Ai, and we are thinking about getting some of them printed and framed to put on the walls of Bolton House.