An Early Break

While not quite how we envisioned the last week before Spring Break playing out, we are pleased to know all boys have managed to find a place to set up camp while we wait for this unfortunate storm to pass. Please check back on the SMUS website for regular updates once we near a return to classes on the 14th of April.

In an attempt to lighten the mood a bit, here is a post with some very positive results from the season openers of both the junior and senior rugby teams. It all began earlier in the week with a SMUS Got Talent event at assembly where Matt, Toby, Benny, and Jack showed off their passing skills.


The Junior Boys Team, featuring, Benny, Jason H, Jason L, Gavin, Leo, Adam L, and Pablo won in emphatic fashion running up the score with slick ball-handling and strong running.  Adam, Leo, and Pablo saw lots of action playing in the back 3 while Benny was a physical force in the front row. Gavin directed traffic and had some strong runs while the “Jasons squared” added valuable contributions in the forward pack. Here is a quick video featuring a nice tackle from Pablo.

Not to be outdone, the Senior Team featuring Efosa, Toby, Jack, Matt, and Logan put their skills to the test in the annual Boot Game competition held under the lights of the University of Victoria Centennial Stadium.  Always an entertaining event, Oak Bay went into the game having won the last two meetings and leading the series 14 wins to 12 with one tie.


As always, SMUS supporters were out in force to cheer on the boys and their help was instrumental in the eventual shutout victory.


Pablo was especially enthusiastic as he and some friends made giant printouts of faces!


This was a great way to start the season and all Bolton boys played very well and were fully deserving of the trophy. Congratulations on bringing the Boot home. (The girls’ rugby team also beat Oak Bay, so all in all a very good day for SMUS rugby!)

Finally, in the spirit of helping others during this difficult time, Pablo, Nokia, Alan, and Seb all volunteered to help pack up and move the books from the school library book sale. This was done despite needing to pack and prepare for their departure and their help was much appreciated.

book drive

We wish all the Bolton Boys and their families good health and time in which to enjoy it with each other. We are keen to have them back once classes resume and look forward to sharing our stories of how it all went.

Music Mania


This has been an exciting week for many in the school with the Senior School Musical “Newsies” finally hitting the big stage. Ryan (in the role of Romeo) and Xavier (in the role of Bunsen) have put in countless hours rehearsing, learning their lines and working on their dance moves. Houseparent Mr. Butterfield was also a key figure as the Music Director. The show was spectacular on all fronts and both boys were tremendous on stage. Congratulations to those 2 and all the students and staff involved in putting together this very impressive piece of theater.

BoTi Newsies

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Also on display at the theater was the artwork of several Bolton boys.  Here are some of the pieces.  The talents of our house are outstanding!


This was also a busy week on the athletics front with Ryan S. and Fabian rowing in their first regatta of the new year. Neekan, Joshua and Patt were winners against Brentwood on the tennis court and no fewer than 12 boys participated in the first rugby games of the season on Tuesday. Matt and Justin finished off their basketball season with a 12th place finish at the Provincial Tournament in Langley.


This coming week has the ever-popular and exciting “Boot Game” against cross-town rival Oak Bay.  It is certain to be an exciting event and Bolton will be well represented with 14 players taking the pitch between the Senior and Junor teams. Here are Benny and Jason H working on their scrum technique in the hallway to the cheers of their housemates!


Nokia completed his surfboard that has been in the works for several years. It was a labour of love with many late nights and a lot of sweat.  It will be proudly displayed in the Bolton hallway this year.  Well done Nokia.


Xavier organized a chess tournament last weekend and those who attended enjoyed some intrigue and strategy while eating some delicious donuts. Ping pong was also popular with Sebastian and Xavier in an electrifying game that went to extra time.


It was Benny’s birthday last Sunday and he was treated to a rousing rendition of Happy Birthday by the boys:

This week also saw the final session of the Foreign Language Reading Buddies program, a new initiative that the Modern Languages Department has started in which students new to Spanish, French or Mandarin have an opportunity to work with students who are proficient in those three languages. Bolton House was well represented.


Efosa was overwhelmed by the delicious dinner that the Sun Center prepared last Wednesday. While not quite brought to tears, it was close! I think the number of plates speaks for itself.


Saturday activities were a bit more limited this week as so many students went to watch the musical. Here is one from last week as a crew went out to help Farmer Jim.  This has become a favorite activity for several of the Bolton boys and it is wonderful to see their enthusiasm to help others.farmer Jim Gavin worked on a scrapbook, Adam helped clean up a local beach and Nokia went to watch the musical with a large group of boarders.

Pickles, Pictures, and Pucks – Housegames!

Sunday was the first housegames of the new year and Bolton was in fine form playing pickleball, floor hockey and a very exciting form of Pictionary and charades. Here are some of the boys in action.

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Here are some entertaining videos of the Pictionary in action.  Dat, Ken, Nokia, Ryan S, Seb and Minh were especially funny as they tried to figure out the drawing of Mr. Driscoll. Leo had a hard time figuring out how to draw a snowflake, but his group eventually got snowball after many different attempts! Hugo, on the other hand, had no trouble with “dumbbell”!

Dinner also featured some dance moves from Matt, Jack, and Neekan.

To finish the evening off, Matt treated us to a fabulous rendition of “Your Song” by Elton John during chapel.

This week is a short one with the Family Day long weekend coming up.  We wish the boys a restful and relaxing four days and look forward to welcoming them back on Monday. We are so proud of all they have accomplished.

Inside, Outside, Toes on the Nose!

The Modern Languages Department has started a new program this year that allows native speakers of French, Spanish, and Mandarin to connect and mentor students who are learning the language. They meet every Friday during homeroom in the library and pair up to work on their reading comprehension, pronunciation and to engage in casual conversation in the target language. Nokia and Ryan took advantage of the opportunity while Hugo and Adam provided wonderful guidance as mentors.

Despite the terrible weather we have had (our last mostly sunny day was back in November of 2019!) and the school fields being closed due to the amount of rain, rugby training has carried on.  On Thursday, the team went for a run up Mt. Tolmie and even there it was hard to avoid the puddles as Jason L and Pablo can attest!


Some creative skills were also put on display as part of the ongoing team challenge between the various rugby teams.  This one required the presentation of a Haka in the spirit of the New Zealand All Blacks who perform a traditional Haka before all their international games.  While not quite of the same standard, it was pretty good for 10 minutes of preparation! Here are Alex, Matt, and Logan doing their version.

Nokia started making a surfboard last year with the outdoor ed program led by Mr. Jackson. He managed to put some more time in on it this year to complete the job with an original Godzilla-inspired design. May/June out trips should be an exciting opportunity for him to test out his board building prowess while hanging ten up in Tofino.


We also had boys out and busy with their Saturday activities.  Mr. Danskin took a crew to Spin class at UVic…


and Ken helped clean up the neighbourhood on a beautiful sunny day


Ryan, Seb, and Nokia were featured on the dining hall television, Ryan’s being particularly humorous.


Downtown was an exciting place this evening as the first super moon of 2020 rose over the city and there was a large protest that shut down the main bridge into the downtown core. Exciting times.


Half-Way Through the Year!

This week marks the halfway point of the school year! For some students, this meant cumulative midterms. And for others taking half-year courses, they wrote their final exams.

Our Grade 11 & 12 students of Bolton house were busy studying for and writing exams all week. PHEW! Here in the house this weekend, it is clear that students are excited for the week to be over – but they feel proud of themselves for the hard work they are putting into their academics.

This week, our Grade 9 students were involved with our Applied Design, Skills, & Technology program.

The Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies curriculum builds on students’ natural curiosity, inventiveness, and desire to create and work in practical ways. It harnesses the power of learning by doing, and provides the challenging fun that inspires students to dig deeper, work with big ideas, and adapt to a changing world. It provides learning opportunities through which students can discover their interests in practical and purposeful ways.

Applied Design, Skills, and Technologies curriculum includes skills and concepts from the disciplines of Business Education, Home Economics and Culinary Arts, Information and Communications Technology, and Technology Education, as well as rich opportunities for cross-curricular work and space for new and emerging areas.

SMUS students took on a project of developing and improving upon the design of a hand-crank USB charging device for their phones. It was such a neat project!

Here are some photos of our Bolton boys in action!


Technology Education involves students in the design and fabrication of products and/or repair and maintenance services using a variety of materials, methods, technologies, and tools in order to develop their ability to shape and change materials in the physical world to meet human needs.

Using creative and critical thinking, students have the opportunity to work collaboratively to address real-world challenges by exploring materials, using tools and equipment, designing and building, developing processes, and communicating the merits of their work. They learn to critically evaluate the appropriateness of the products and/or services they develop and those developed by others. As they explore the role of culture, including local First Peoples cultures, in the development of practical and innovative solutions to human needs, they develop a sense of personal and social responsibility for the products and/or services they develop and use, and their effects on individuals, communities, and the environment, now and in the future.

Finally, our Grade 10’s continued the work they were doing in the SMUS Experiential Program. Mr. Daly, our teacher coordinator of the program, writes about the benefits of learning outside of a classroom here: 

Here is a video on sustainability that Eric and Frank created as part of their cohort:

The Bolton boys should celebrate their achievements this week, both academically and experientially. However, the work continues both in and outside of the classroom.

The next few months will bring about the start of our Grade 11 Boarding Leadership Training, the Senior School Musical Production of Disney’s “Newsies”, as well as many more academic endeavours. We can’t wait to update you on all of the great achievements and involvements of our diverse group of Bolton Boys!

For now, I will leave you with a few photos of Alex and some other boarding students who ventured with me (Mr. Fryer) down to Victoria’s Breakwater today. It was super windy, but so much fun! Check out the video too!

Breakwater 1Breakwater 2Breakwater 3

Rain, Rain Go Away!

It has been a soggy week in Victoria with grey skies and heavy rain almost every day.  Friday morning, however, saw a brilliant rainbow over the city that lifted everyone’s spirits. The boys have been busy with sport and school, and certainly look forward to the weekend.


Here are some shots of Justin and Matt from the SMUS Police Basketball Tournament.

Justin also helped coordinate the Intercultural Council’s Lunar New Year Chapel on Wednesday and Thursday.  Xavier presented via video and Justin helped with the opening breathes.

While there were no major events during the week, the boys were in good spirits and kept busy with ping pong, studying and hanging out. Not even the rain can get their spirits down!

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Saturday Activities saw MudMee, Ryan, Eric and Josh working hard to help our local farmer friend to move an impressive 110 wheel barrows of manure to help fertilize his apple trees.  It was neat to see their hard work come full circle as they were delighted to enjoy some tasty apple cider from those very trees and saw their garlic bulbs that were planted and mulched before Christmas starting to pop out!  They also found a small snake to hold and discovered that Brussels sprout and chard plants look a lot like palm trees!

IMG_0719 (1)IMG_0731 (1)IMG_0717 (1)IMG_0726IMG_0727IMG_0733IMG_0732

The chickens were also very intrigued by our visit.

IMG_0729 (1)

Here is a time lapse of some of those wheel barrows

Adam and Ken volunteered to help clean up the beach where we do our Penguin Swim, thanks boys!


It is Sunday and the sun is shining! Let’s hope it is a sign of weather to come 😉

Just one more

A couple of quick videos from the year end assembly for your viewing pleasure.  Well done to King Ryan on his bravery to sing in front of the whole school.

The 12 days of Christmas song just never gets old!

Jimmy also got in on a bit of prank action in Mr. Anderson’s (the Director of the Senior School) office.  He helped set up a variety of inflatable Christmas ornaments including a 12 foot tall reindeer.  A great way top say goodbye to boarding!


Happy Holidays!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

It seems hard to believe, but we have arrived at the Christmas break and the boys are packing their bags to head home.  The excitement is palpable and the last week has been full of festive fun.

Here are Toby and Jack kicking things off at assembly testing their Christmas trivia knowledge.


Sunday was a big day with the Bolton Chapel and Boarding Christmas Dinner.

The (almost) full chapel video is here if you would like to watch the boys in action.

The theme was the “Joy of Giving” and the importance of not getting caught up in the materialistic aspect of the holiday season. Special kudos to Ryan S and Fabi for their musical talents, Dat and Ken for their best Men in Black impersonation, Malik, Logan, Garret and Neekan for their heartfelt messages during their speeches, Justin and Said for the lighthearted finish and an extra big thank you to Parsa for stepping up last minute to create the short video.  Of course, no chapel is complete without a song, and it was wonderful to see Matt take on the challenge and join Xavier in their fabulous rendition of Mistletoe.  By all accounts an excellent chapel.

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The festivities continued immediately after with a walk up the stairs to the Sun Center dinning hall where each house had their decorated tree to light the way. A special thanks to Efosa for his work in getting the Bolton tree decorated.


Dinner was delicious and included a fabulous seafood platter and tasty prime rib.  No one left hungry and a good time was had by all!

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After dinner we connected with our sister house Timmis for a Secret Santa exchange.  Each boy had been tasked with finding the perfect gift for one of the Timmis girls and vise versa.  As you can see everyone stepped up and there were lots of happy elves as Christmas came early to boarding.

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In addition to all the festive fun, the daily routines continued and classes and sport carried on. Chess has become popular and the weekend was spent in deep concentration for some…


… while others were a bit more relaxed and social (and hungry)…

cupcakes 1img_0393

… and still others, active and happy!


Here are Adam and Leo connecting in their basketball game last night…

… and Jack and Fabi connecting on the piano!

We wish all the boys a relaxing and fun holiday break and look forward to their return in the new year and the new decade!  Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all of the Bolton families.

Two for One! – Sorry we missed last weekend’s post

It was a busy past two weeks, so I apologize for the missing blog update from this past weekend. A few of the highlights included Xavier introducing world famous Indigenous artist Roy Henry Vickers who spoke at chapel about reconciliation and the need for new perspectives in how we look at and treat one another.


On Wednesday night Logan and houseparent Mr. Slavin spoke at the SMUS Talks event with the theme of Epiphany.

IMG_20191120_200316 (1).jpg

Ryan volunteered to be a line judge at the Senior Boys’ Volleyball island tournament.


And the boys had a great time practicing their teamwork in preparation for housegames.


On Saturday, Xavier organized a paintball adventure for the boys and a great time was had by all. Kudos to him for organizing and to the boys for braving the cold weather.

Sunday was a big day with the second round of Housegames taking place.  It was basketball and some Minute to Win it challenges which are always entertaining.  The Junior boys basketball won both games and the seniors won one and then just barely lost to a very strong Barnacle team in their second game.  Both teams played very well and showed good athleticism, teamwork and sportsmanship.  Justin earned us 3 extra points with his basketball skills during the challenge round which also helped keep us securely in second place in the standings. Here are some videos of the boys in action.

No fouls there!!

And some photos of the action too…

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The community dinner that followed was also quite animated as the boys cheered for the best dressed model (which happened to be Said for our house) to see who got to eat first.  Needless to say Bolton House won!

This week had the grade 10’s out on their second experiential adventures, the website has links to all the action so feel free to explore Here are Eric and Frank selling coffee they roasted at parent teacher interviews as part of their experiential cohort.


We celebrated Patt’s birthday with a giant cake.


Said and Xavier attended the Climate Crisis Protests in downtown Victoria. It is great to see so many young people making their voices heard.


Friday was exciting with almost the entire house signing out to go shopping at various locations.  Jason and Malik took advantage of some very high quality women’s basketball as Stanford took on Syracuse in the NCAA Victoria Invitational tournament.  The action was fast paced and very exciting.


Toby and Adam gave up part of their evening to help set up the Christmas tree for the upcoming Christmas dinner.  A big thank you to them.


Logan was one of the delegates at the Model UN conference this weekend.He was part of the security council and by all accounts part of a top notch team!  Here he is in action:

image (2)image (1)image

Saturday was again busy with an array of activities.  MudMee and Ryan spent the morning on the farm helping Farmer Jim.  The time lapse shows you how hard they were working!

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Ryan also claimed that using hands would be faster than using the pitchfork so we put it to the test.  The results are below.

Leo was part of the knitting activity today and the houseparents are all hoping for knitted toques under the tree this Christmas!


Skating was also a big hit this weekend, as everyone was feeling the winter wonderland vibe through the recent drop in temperature.

Happy Halloween!

SMUS definitely takes their academics seriously – but did you know that SMUS also takes Halloween very seriously too! Here are some snaps from the day – check out some of these great costumes!

Halloween 1Halloween 2Halloween 3Halloween 4

Bolton House Parent Mr. Shaw usually steals the show with Best Costume every year. Here is his costume this year, featuring a video and his dog Brookie:

Mr. Shaw 1

Logan, our Head of House last week also ventured into the wilderness to Bamfield on a Environmental Science trip. Here are some pictures from his time on the West Coast of Vancouver Island:

The Senior School Musical, Newsies is right around the corner, and Ryan in our house is busy preparing for the show! They did a great rendition of Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car”. This afternoon, he ventured out downtown to busk with Timmis Sister Alana. Mr. Bell happened to be downtown and catch them in action!

Meanwhile, in Whistler, BC, Nokia and Sebastian participated in Model United Nations.

Model United Nations, also known as Model UN or MUN, is an educational simulation and/or academic activity in which students can learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations. MUN involves and teaches participants speaking, debating, and writing skills, in addition to critical thinking, teamwork, and leadership abilities. It is meant to engage students and allow them to develop deeper understanding into current world issues.

Every day is different at this school, and our Bolton Boys seem to always take full-advantage of the spectrum of opportunities offered to them!

Academically, we are nearing the end of Term 1. At the end of the month, you can expect a written report from all of your son’s teachers regarding their participation in each of their classes. Stay tuned for that!

We’ll leave you this Sunday with a few foggy and gloomy pictures taken from Grade 12 Student Alan this morning from the top of Mt. Doug! Have a great week wherever you may be around the World.