Terry Fox Run

One of Canada’s biggest heroes is Terry Fox. This young athlete lost his leg to cancer and embarked to run across Canada to raise awareness about the disease. Running a marathon a day, he eventually succumbed to cancer before completing his journey. Every year since his 1980 endeavor, Terry Fox’s legacy grows stronger. The Terry Fox Run is now the world’s largest one day fundraiser against cancer.

All of us in boarding were proud to have participated in the run this year. We joined many locals at Mile Zero, the start of the Trans-Canada highway and the would-have-been ending point if Terry Fox had survived to complete his run. It was a beautiful day and we ran or walked with friends and looked out over the shimmering ocean to the mountains of the Olympic Peninsula. Keith Driscoll made a donation to the cause in the name of all the boarders but many individual students also donated.

It was an inspirational and stunningly sunny day.

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