Boys learn the value of serving

I was so proud of our boys last week as they gave up a Saturday afternoon in order to serve the local community. Service is one of the pillars of our school and an important aspect of what it means to be a “Bolton man”.

Behind the school is a park called Mt Tolmie. This rugged hill hosts the beautiful and rare Garry Oak ecosystem. Invasive species such as scotch broom crowd out the native plants and destroy the last Garry Oak groves. To combat this “broom pulls” are organised.

Our big group of boys, led by houseparent Gustav Guzek, met up with members from Habitat Acquisition Trust to work hard cutting, moving and disposing of scotch broom. Mr. Guzek said he was very impressed by the positive attitude of the boys as they chipped in and worked hard for the community.

Thanks boys!

Chris Bateman

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