Grade 11 Leadership Retreat

Written by Chris Bateman:

Last weekend the whole group of grade 11s ventured off the grid to a small cabin on a small island. There, with Mr. Guzek, Mr. Common and me, they got to know each other better through games, activities, cooking and play. The group as a whole was very quick to laugh and their energy bodes very well for the house leadership next year, which will be stepping into some very big shoes.  I asked Wilfrid, (who’s poetry has recently been honorably mentioned in the Jessamy Stursberg National Poetry Contest for Youth) to write a few words about the trip. Also click here for a video of the weekend.

From Wilfrid, Grade 11:

It was unusual, very unusual for the twelve Grade 11s of Bolton to gather on Tortoise Island, BC – what we called Tortoise Island-ville. The beauty of the island did its best to captivate us, along with the racoons that dared not to stir trouble even when we were asleep. The different cultures and backgrounds we hold in our own roots added to the experience. From keeping ball “in the air” to a “Saving the Earth Simulation” to cooking a great dinner, we all shared a single vision – the vision of perfection in these activities as a group. Sometimes we shared not a singular voice because all we could hear was our own. This is when one of us would step in, telling us to stop arguing and listen to one person talking at a time. We listened and we achieved our vision on this lovely island.

That night, we all sat together in a circle; the oil lamp amid us glowed brightly enough for us to see the cards in our hands. We played games like “Mafia” and it was indeed a fun night. Not only because we finally got a valid reason to accuse our teachers (of being the Mafia) but also because of the laughter and joy we shared! I then told myself that night that I felt proud and glad of be a part of the 2012-2013 Bolton Grade 11s, and next year’s house leaders!

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  2. Thanks for sharing these little tidbits of your experience. What an adventure and opportunity for growth!

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