An Olympic Effort

On Sunday we had our very last Housegames. It was Olympic themed with several different categories of competition (more photos to come). The boys played hard and with great sportsmanship and the musical performance competition brought the house down! Bolton tied with Harvey to win the day but that did not quite make up enough points to take Barnacle’s overall lead. Sadly, after holding it for four years, we have had to say goodbye to the F. West Housegames Cup. The only consolation it that we can cheer for our Barnacle House friends who have not won the cup 13 years! Good for you guys! Enjoy the Cup, but only for the next twelve months!

After the games we all attended a fancy “Oscars” style dinner with hilarious prizes handed out to students on the red carpet. Congratulations to our very own Head of House, Dawit who won the prize for 5 years for boarding with zero Friday Night Preps. What a role model!

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2 thoughts on “An Olympic Effort

  1. What wonderful pictures! Everyone is having so much fun – I want to go back to high school and board at SMUS!! Thanks for sharing the photos 🙂

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