House Games Begin

We have a longstanding tradition of housegames at SMUS, dating back to the early 1900s and well before Harry Potter made it popular. Our house mascot is a penguin and our house colour is gold. There is no explanation for the penguin but I do like how it allows us to be a little self-deprecating and not take things too seriously.

However, recapturing the cup this year will be a serious business for the boys. They were off to a rousing start on Sunday, playing hard and well at a series of small games and team challenges. They were all fully engaged and good sports. Our house cheer blew the other houses away – with laughter.

4 thoughts on “House Games Begin

    • This first set of games is pretty silly and just fun. The boys do get quite serious about the other sports like basketball and soccer. I think soccer housegames is next actually.

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