The Penguins return to the roost!

It was great to see all the boys return and settle in. Bolton House prides itself on being a diverse and welcoming place and the returning boys did not disappoint as they took new roommates and classmates under their wing. We always say “No Bo Left Behind” and so the whole house gathered to go to the first dinner together. Since then I have seen many examples of Bolton boys explicitly getting up from one crowded table to sit with a Bolton Brother who may have ended up sitting alone. That kind of compassion for others just warms my heart.

Also on the first night, we had our annual soccer match on the field and everyone got in on the action. The point of this is to simply do away with words for a while and let the boys get to know each other through playful sport.

Again, a huge thanks to the house seniors and staff for their constant presence and dedication.

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