Maximizing his potential

This year we will be trying to bring student voices to the Bolton Update. Here is our first entry, written by Bolton student and triple threat Max:

I just attended and performed at a Cabaret at the Oak Bay United Church on a peaceful Friday night. Two nights before the performing date, as I was coming back from cross-country practice and Mr. Culham, who was on duty for the Bolton boys, asked me to come over and chat. So I did. He said, “There is a Cabaret going on this Friday, would you like to play your cello?”

I was expecting something like you have Friday night prep (the worst) this week or you have labor to do for Mr. Common (the best). I was definitely not expecting a performance offering. I stumbled a little and said I’ll consider it and tell him few hours later. I had this moment when you actually want to play but you are too scared to say yes. However I thought I probably never get this opportunity again so I said yes.

Right after I said yes I began to shuffle through my mental library of pieces that I can play. Then I pressed stop when a certain piece came into my mind. Sarabande, Suite 2, Bach. I hesitated because it is a piece written when Bach’s wife has passed. It’s depressing. So I asked Mr. Culhum if it would be too depressing. He told me it would be fine.

We drove to the church and tuned my cello. While I was practicing in the green room, I met musicians that had a unique voices and talents. Meanwhile Mr. Culhum told me that there should be a surprise during the show. I got excited! Then I took a look where I was going to perform and realized that it was very funky-like. This got me more excited. Then as the show time approached I saw the Queen Elizabeth the II in the green room. I was shocked. This was the surprise that Mr. Culham told me about. Of course she was an impersonator but she was an awesome one. I took couple of pictures of her.

The queen amazingly started off the show by appearing on stage. She did stand-up comedy. Then I was up. It was time to perform. People seemed so nice. As a performer I can feel when the audience is nice and attentive on what they are hearing. This group had a vibe that relaxed me. Although I get nervous even when I have a nice crowd. I finished the performance and felt good. I listened to Mr. Culham sing and felt good after as well. In all performing at a place like this has greatly encouraged me and I have enjoyed the experience and hope I can get a chance to do it again soon.

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