More than just horsing around


School Prefect Danny, Head Boy David B, yours truly Mr. Bateman and our very own Head of House Matt all got to go on an amazing leadership training experience a few weeks ago.

Here are Matt’s own reflections, followed by some photos.

Written by HOH Matt:

The entire prefect group: heads of council, school prefects, boarding prefects, and heads of house went to Seattle to learn how to become good leaders by working with horses. We did numerous activities that will help us become successful leaders; we learned new things, met new friends, and most importantly, enjoyed it.

I personally enjoyed the time with the horses because I used to ride horses all the time in Vietnam when I was young. Although, I thought that I really knew what horses were like, I found out that I didn’t truly understand them until I practiced my leadership with them. It was definitely a fantastic experience and I could interact with them as if they were human beings quite easily.

Thanks to Luna (the horse), I deeply learned that I have to set my goals clearly and be welcoming for the younger boys in the house to follow the path easily. As an individual, I learned to become more confident in front of a big group and be more engaging.

Furthermore, we learned as a prefect group that we have to understand each other, help each other, and be good models for the younger ones. As a result of this wonderful experience, I committed a promise with myself to become a good example of how a Grade 12 should be.

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