Soccer Housegames

We had our first competitive Housegames match this weekend. As a new initiative, Housegames is now comprised of athletic and creative events. The Cardio Pictionary group played well and with honour and they had a fun time as you can see by the photos.

The boys playing the soccer matches got out early to practice and both Junior and Senior teams were well organised. During the games the juniors defied all odds and came our victorious in both matches, with Timmy goal-keeping for two shut-outs. The seniors had a tougher time, fighting valiantly against Barnacle House who have A Team players. There was similar tough luck against Harvey but I was impressed by the boys’ positive attitude and sportsmanlike play.

In the end it was the smiles on the boys’ faces, as the juniors and seniors came together to cheer, that showed the supportive, driven and positive nature of the house. GO BO!

The community was treated to a delicious Luau themed dinner and after that we had chapel where our own Bolton houseparent Jake performed one of his own songs.

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