Halloween has come and gone once again and boys in Bolton came out to participate in full force.

The boys enjoyed a host of activities before the holiday, including a ghost walk tour around Victoria and a scarecrow building competition.

On Halloween Day, the boys left the house dressed in all manner of costumes. There were activities at lunch at both the Senior and Middle campuses and a huge costume parade including many staff-zombies, Batmanderson, Sister Diego, Tsunami Hugh and Hank, Sheriff Artem and Mehrab-the-kid, Baller Danny, the ever beautiful Eric and Christian and some very cool gangsters.

The Grade 8s got to partake in the tradition of Trick Or Treating in the community and came home with huge bags of loot. The holiday was then capped off in the evening with a haunted house and fireworks display at the Wenman Pavilion, complete with seasonal treats and hot chocolate.

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