Stepping forward

In Bolton House we have a great tradition of boys stepping forward as leaders. The latest two Head Boys are from Bolton and the Senior Rugby, Soccer and Basketball teams have a lot of penguins on the roster.

But there are lots of other ways that our boys show leadership and contribute to the school. Alex, Ted and Timmy just stood up in Chapel to perform as part of the band. In assemblies many boys set in front of the whole school to talk. Danny and Matt S were recently promoting the Boarders without Borders event and Deigo was a promoter and contributor to the recent Latin America week. On a lighter side, Hugh represented his grade in a hot-sauce eating contest and Mehrab was willing to volunteer the whole grade 10 class to help put away chairs. In the literary world, Richard and Wilfrid both have articles published in the school paper The Ivy.

It is my hope and expectation that there is reason for every Bolton boy to be mentioned for something he did that went beyond the regular requirements of the school and really contributed to the community.

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