Dodgeball & Dinner

As usual there were a great number of activities this weekend. I am sorry we don’t have more photos. I’ve included this one because the staff organiser said that although the grade 8 boys were messy and chaotic with their baking – by far the baked the most delicious cookies.

On Sunday we had our next bug housegame tournament. The athletic component was dodgeball this time. The boys played with great-team work and spirit and had some seriously dominant games. We fell a bit to Barnacle, who are definitely our toughest competitors so far. As you can see by the intensity, huddles and cheering, they had great fun and played very well.

There was an option to compete for those who were either talented at engineering or who did not necessarily ant foam balls thrown at them. These boys had two tasks. The first was to build as high a town are possible with raw spaghetti and marshmallows. The second was to build a weight barring bridge. Check out our future civil engineers:

After all of this was Community Dinner. Since it was a full moon, the theme was superstitions. We tested every superstition on the book with a ladder entryway, indoor umbrellas and by numbering every table “13”. The menu was also superstition based with long noodles (long life), chicken wings (travel), and an orange (love) spring salad. It was a fun and different evening before we headed off to chapel and then quiet hour.

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