Fogtography and Lollybugs (something for everyone)

With Saturdays free of obligatory classes, students can pursue their own interests. Some were on school teams. Some were rehearsing for the school musical. The others were participating in one of exciting activities offered, taking advantage of our staff’s expertise, our natural surroundings and our all of the opportunities that come from being located in a city.

So the house was quiet on Saturday with boys out on many different adventures. A small crew left early Saturday morning for a day of skiing on Mt Washington. It was unseasonably warm (there are already flowers blooming in our gardens) which made for heavy snow but the pure blue skies and amazing views of the ocean and coastal mountains more than made up for that. Meanwhile, back in Victoria, groups trooped out for a variety of activities. Some boys went on a photography trip (or fog-tography, as it turned out) to our local National Historic Site, Fort Rodd Hill. Others felt crafty and stayed indoors either knitting or making greeting cards. Some touched -or ate (in a lolly-pop)- insects at the Bug Zoo and others enjoyed seeing our local sea-life at the Aquarium. That evening a large group of boys went up to UVic to watch a varsity basketball game.

All of the following was taking place on the same day…

Photo Club Activity to Fort Rodd Hill:

“Spring” Skiing!

Knitting, UVic Basketball and Card Making Activities:

Aquarium and Bug Zoo Visits:

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