Special Occasions

We have had a few nice occasions lately. Birthdays are always a fun time. Joel was thrilled to have his cake presented during a special Bolton/Timmis building dinner. It was a nice coincidence of timing that allowed us to raise a great many voices in his honour.

Remember that Birthday cakes can be ordered through the Parent’s Auxillary. It is a great, fundraising service that the parents of day students offer to the parents of boarders. Here is the link to order a cake!

Also, David B and Sarah, from Timmis worked together to create a special moment in the building. As the girls were finishing their housemeeting on Valentines Day, beautiful music could be heard and all the Bolton boys came into the room dressed in their finest clothes. The boys then gallantly presented each young lady with a flower while Timmy, Sean and Max serenaded the group. The girls were tickled by the gesture and reciprocated with cupcakes! It was a fun, light event that raised everyone’s mood.


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