Waterfalls & Trestles April 2014

Written and lead by Mr. Guzek:

The setting was just right with a misty, drizzling Saturday to embark on a hike through the temperate rainforests of Goldstream Park where we shuffled through storm pipes and tunnels, Image

crossed streams and rivers,


trudged uphill


to sights of 200 foot trestles


and 60 foot waterfalls, as well as followed railway tracks, and explored old mine shafts and caves.


The hike was a great success with many students who do not usually show enthusiasm or animation letting go of all constructs. It felt a bit like Lord of the Flies with boys allowing to dabble with freedom and a release from civilization. Students such as Jose, David & Derry L, and Hank showed a lot of adventure and enjoyed being out of their comfort zone getting wet and dirty and accomplishing little challenges.


We had a pep talk before hand about relating their experience with the coming chapel, that Bolton was hosting, and how we can challenge ourselves and help others to stretch further which really showed as the trip unravelled. Students who wouldn’t usually have made it to the trestle like Christian, Clement, and Brian Z. found an inner drive to accomplish the task and I hope feel proud of their achievements.


David B., Matt S., Alex C, Nick L. all showed leadership in guiding and coaching groups through the trails. Nick for example helped a few friends out showing how to walk downhill on the pathway helping hold their hand and Alex would lend a hand as Boltoneers were jumping or climbing over rocks on the river. The Sayer twins and “Alejandro de la Selva” led the way fearlessly trailblazing. One group of 8, David & Dmitri, David X, Artem, Timmy, Derry & David, took a wrong turn on the trail and actually never made it to the trestle but had quite an adventure bonding and exploring and eventually trickled down to the parking lot, well done 🙂


Some good quotes that were heard included, “Now this is what a weekend should be like”, “I think I now like school”, “Can we do this every weekend?”. Great to see the Bolton Boys finding connections with nature, with each other, and themselves.


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