Birdies, Buzzers and Brave Bolton Boys

Sunday night we had a pizza party for the boys in recognition of the excellent efforts and attitudes they all displayed over the weekend.

As you previously read, the hike at Goldstream Park took many boys out of their normal routines but really recharged their spirits. As you will read soon, the grade elevens also got away for an overnight leadership retreat and did great work as a team. Sunday afternoon the whole house came back together for a variety of activities.

Early afternoon they met and practiced a song for the evening’s Bolton-run chapel service. More on that later.

After that, Housegames went into full swing with Badminton and Trivia Quiz competitions. Everyone had to play everything so many boys were definitely out of their comfort zone. Thanks to their incredible efforts Bolton House came out on top and won the day’s events! Check out some photos but keep reading below…

After Housegames we were all treated to a brain-health feast as part of Brain Awareness Week at SMUS and once again met as a group to take this Spring themed photo of a flower (for extra house points).

Then Bolton House hosted chapel for the boarders on the theme of “Challenge Yourself”. Special thanks to all the boys who put in extra time preparing for this and participating: David, Jose and Anderson for leading the song, Max and John for their speeches, Mehrab, Artem, Timmy and Alex for opening and closing the ceremony, Bora for the prelude and postlude, Christian and Derry for their planning earlier on, and a huge thanks to Bolton Houseparent Jake who helped them put it all together.

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