Returning to the Roost

The Penguins have returned to Bolton. The first two weeks have been full of energy. First the new and returning grade 12s set up an excellent welcome for the new boys.

The first night, once everyone had returned, the boys flocked to the field to participate in the 23rd annual Opening Soccer Friendly. New and returning, skilled or not, everyone had a great time as the evening settled and thoughts turned to the first day of classes.

Name games, orientation and unpacking filled many of the first days. Once the weekend came, everyone was ready for a break. The boys who knew the ropes were quick to invite newcomers along to local eateries, shopping centres and cinemas Mr. Hollingworth took the grade 8s out for dinner. Here they are gathering:


On Saturday all the boys of Bolton (and their sisters in Timmis House) escaped to the seashore for an afternoon of treats, games, sand, sun and surf.

This is just the start of all the amazing activities that we will get up too. Please check back here regularly since we will be posting at least weekly!


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