Out trips, Saltspring Isand and Terry Fox

Our first full week of classes was a busy one in Bolton House, but it wasn’t just all work! The grade 10’s had perhaps the most exciting week of the group, as they departed on Tuesday for various out trips. Chen, Edward, Jacky, Christian, Philippe and Tommy went kayaking around the Gulf Islands and saw whales, deer and even snakes!  Ammar, David and Jack spent their time on Saltspring Island riding bikes and working at an Eco village.  David came home a bit early after a rather spectacular wipe out on his bike, but is in good spirits and was in fine form to run 5km on Sunday morning.  Derry and Nick set sail on the high seas on the beautiful SALTS sail boat.  Their weather was perfect and they returned with a fine set of sea legs and a panache for words that start with arrrr!  All boys returned on Saturday rejuvenated and ready to settle down for their academic classes which will begin in earnest on Monday morning.

While the 10’s were out and about the grade 8’s and 9’s spent their Saturday on beautiful Saltspring Island. They departed in the morning and enjoyed a gorgeous ferry ride in the sunshine.  After a quick bus ride to the main town on the island, Ganges, they had a leisurely day in the world famous market, eating delicious treats and enjoying the sights and sounds of the marina.  All returned in the afternoon with smiles and suntans.

Sunday morning was another beautiful day of sunshine as the entire boarding community set out to Dallas Road to participate in the annual 5km Terry Fox Run. SMUS boarding has been attending this event for many years and this was one of the best.  Many of our boys challenged themselves to run the full 5 kilometers and finished sweaty and exhausted, while others opted for a more leisurely pace and walked it with friends.  It was a success on all accounts and everyone had a good time and felt good about supporting such a noble cause.

A busy weekend for all!

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