A September to Remember!!

The house itself was more quiet this week with the grade 11s away on their amazing out trips. Their return on Sunday brought a lot of excitement and some great stories. Hassan, Timmy, Brad, Dimitri and Hank were portaging canoes. Artem braved the elements on a sea kayaking journey. Ted pushed his boundaries at summit school and Clement had a bit of a bumpy ride as he experienced white water rafting. Photos will be posted as they come in next week.

Meanwhile the other boys were busy with sports. It is great for the Bolton boys to have houseparents Mr. Daum and Mr. Hollingworth coaching rugby, Mr. Shaw coaching golf and Mr. Baer coaching Soccer, creating nice connections between life in the house and action on the turf. Here is a photo of a motivational talk from Mr. Daum and some boys and girls cheering on their classmates.

On Friday around 90 boarders witnessed the Salmon Kings (our local Hockey team) lose their home opener 8-2, however, everyone really enjoyed the classic Canadian experience. Other activities this week included a trip to the Moss Street Market, swimming, a trip to Fisherman’s Warf, a shopping trip to Costco, a trip to historic Fort Rod Hill, and an outdoor hike.

With the beautiful weather this weekend, the Grade 8s also got out on Sunday for another spectacular hike!

Highlights this week were musical performances including Bolton Boys and houseparents. David and Derry sang in Senior School chapel accompanied by our own Mr. Butterfield on piano.

Laurent played solo in Middle School Chapel. He blew everyone away with his amazing talent and was not shy to play it for the older boys in the house that didn’t get a chance to hear it. Judging by his performance I think he will be a professional in no time and for his contributions to the school community he was awarded a Bolton Pin by Mr. Bateman at Sunday’s housemeeting.

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