From Tees to Chemistry.

Officially the seasons have turned and we are now in October, but you wouldn’t know it from the amazing weather we have had. The boys in Bolton House continue to get out and enjoy the sun on their free time and for athletics. Here are some photos of Garry teeing up at the driving range.

The sunshine also graced some local heros. The Cops for Cancer Tour De Rock stopped by at SMUS for their annual bike ride down the length of Vancouver Island. Bolton House turned out in force to cheer them on. Here are Hassan, Jero, Emilio and Joel supporting the event. Can you spot Hank and Jack in the crowd?

The weekend was full of activities as usual. Friday night, some students, looking to get inspired by this year’s school musical, went to a screening of Legally Blond at the lecture theater. Weekend activities included skating trips, a basketball tournament and cookie decorating, where Bobby was able o show of his cooking skills. On Saturday night, the common room was overflowing with action: a birthday party, a pool game, a ping-pong game and some social NBA video gaming all going on at once. On Sunday, also in the common room, at the end of our housemeeting, the boys were asked to reflect on how they contribute to the community and to write down how the “lend a hand” on an actual tracing of their hand.

That is a difficult question for a teenage boy to ponder and genuinely answer. What is your contribution to the community? For some it is humor, for some it is sharing food, for others it is their athletic or artistic commitment. Marco made a significant contribution to the community by modeling exemplary academics. On Monday he was awarded first place in the Thompson Rivers University Chemistry Contest!


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