The Buildup

Boom! That was a fast term! Report cards are written and about to be sent out. Most first term athletics are over. It should all be calm. In putting this post together I have noticed we have far fewer photos than usual. That is not because we aren’t busy – it is because things are actually building up!

In addition to the usual fun assortment of activities this weekend (see top photos), Christian was in Vancouver participating in the Model UN. Also, a huge number of Bolton grade 11s went out and braved the frigid weather for the start of their Outdoor Leadership training. Good work Ted, Dimitri, Mehrab, Artem and Brad!

At yesterday’s housemeeting the boys talked about the long list of exciting events planned as we cruise towards the holidays. Most impressive was seeing the boys stay behind to negotiate and plan their running of the upcoming Bolton Chapel. The theme, as suggested by Clement will be “to endeavor”. We certainly are endeavoring to do a lot before the break!

Here are our next two weeks:

This Monday: Bolton Council Meeting

This Wednesday: Middle School Recitations and the Senior School Small Ensemble Concert

This Thursday: Middle School Strings Concert

This Friday: Senior School Dance

This Saturday: Bolton Tree Trimming and Foyer Decorating

This Sunday: Boton/Timmis Ultimate Fun Day

Next Wednesday: Cross Campus Carol Service

Next Friday: School Wide Christmas Assembly

Next Saturday: Parents Auxiliary Christmas Gala

Next Sunday: Chapel (run by the boys of Bolton) and Bolton Xmas Party

Next Monday: Bolton/Timmis gift exchange

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