Penguins hit the ice…

A rainbow was a fitting way to start this week and we can use it as a metaphor for our journey until the winter holidays begin. Many boys are incredibly busy with tests and university applications right now and December 12th will certainly seem like a “pot of gold” to them. However, as we travel along that rainbow to the end, there are certainly many things to enjoy along the way. Small moments like seeing Philippe and Chris share their talents at a school assembly are always a nice surprise!

This was a precursor to the fabulous performance by many of our boys at the intimate and meaningful Small Ensembles Concert. As you can see, the warm atmosphere at St. Mary’s Church is a fabulous way to kick off the holiday season.

However, nothing promotes the holiday season like a crisp dusting of snow, as we received over the weekend. For some of our boys, it was the first time seeing snow at all!

To further the mood, holiday decorations went up throughout the dormatory, including a penguin themed Christmas tree. Each boy constructed a penguin ornament to put on our Bolton Christmas Tree which is currently standing proudly in our Common Room and will later be moved to the Crystal Gardens for the Parents’ Auxiliary Christmas Gala. Here is the tree as well as a picture of Diego (grade 12) and Antonio (grade 8) working on their ornaments.

A group of students were also working on planning fun events for both Bolton and Timmis House. There was a massive group skating trip this Sunday where all the boys and girls from our building had fun zooming or carefully slipping around our city’s biggest hockey arena. We had the whole place to ourselves which was great fun. Afterwards there were treats and good cheer in the common room to continue the festive spirit!

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