Penguins fly

The great penguin migration is about to start. It is almost time for the boys of Bolton house to head home for a well deserved break. The suitcases are up from storage and boys are busy packing unless they are preparing for the last few tests. As I said to the boys last house meeting, each of them as grown and pushed himself tremendously this term. It has been a busy but rewarding time.

There was a large percentage of Bolton presence during the Senior School Chapel this week. Brad and Peter both read, Anderson soloed, and Dimitri, Edward and Derry sang in the choir – way to represent, boys!

Here are the photos from our big, full-school assembly! Chris, Garry, Anderson and John can be spotted among the performers.

This week also saw another great SMUS tradition, the annual Shergold Pancake Breakfast in memory of former Bolton Houseparent Chuck Shergold and his daughter, Timmis Prefect Stephanie. Both were fun loving individuals and so this event is equally fun in spirit. Wendy Shergold, who was the Bolton Houseparent for many years, came to visit and celebrate with us!

We wish you a wonderful holiday and look forward to welcoming all the penguins back when they return to the roost!

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