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It is hard to believe that January is almost behind us. The days are starting to get lighter, the temperature warmer, and the rain…well, it’s still just as wet as it was!  But perhaps there is a little less each day (at least that’s what we keep telling ourselves, as we look out across green, soggy playing fields).

In any case, what is clear is that the boys of Bolton house are off to a great start to the year. For one thing, we are still just three points behind Barnacle House for the lead in the annual House Games Competition. Striking distance, truly.

Bolton was also well represented at the annual SMUS Large Ensembles concert, which took place last Wednesday (read more and watch the performances here). Our boys were out in large numbers, both in the audience and as performers, as more than 300 Senior School students took to the stage in what would turn out to be a very memorable night of music. We included every photo with Bolton boys so you could find the best photo of your son.

The Basketball season is well underway, with Senior, Junior and Grade 8 teams in action over the past few days. The Grade 8s were in Vancouver over the weekend, to play in a very competitive mainland tournament. Other sports, like rowing and squash continue to train and develop, while the Badminton team is finalizing their roster in anticipation of the looming season. The rugby boys have been out rain or shine preparing for the season and an exciting spring break tour to Spain!


By now, mid-year exams are in progress, with some writing the English provincial mid-month, and many more set to write other exams next week. While examination periods can naturally be times of stress, the experience is also a valuable taste of the challenges that await in future grades – and in the post-secondary world.

Joel, Timmy and Diego have joined the exclusive New Extremes photography workshop where they will work with a local photography to develop their own documentary that will be displayed in the Victoria Art Gallery.


Some of the lads are also planning to hit the slopes at Mt. Washington over the long weekend, as part of the annual boarding ski trip – a much anticipated event every year.

Preparations for the musical are also shifting into high gear, with the first curtain set to rise in less than two months. Sets are being painted, props acquired, and lines finalized as rehearsals continue on a near daily basis. The excitement among the actors, chorus, crew and musicians is palpable.

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