Bolton Double Header

With the long weekend just past us it  makes sense to cover two shorts weeks in one long post. Going way back, the senior school enjoyed Africa Week, organised by the student who are of African decent. Of particular note was a fun and informative chapel service, including some great contributions by Bolton Boys: a humorous video by Peter, a great energy and organisation by Christian, and amazing solo performances by Joel – all backed up by Philippe’s excellent drumming. We were later treated to a theme dinner of all sorts of African cuisine.

Christian’s face popped up again in public. This time it was literally just his face, as a self-portrait that was featured on display during the ISABC professional development conference hosted at SMUS.


Meanwhile, David, Amos, Timmy, Jack and others have all been playing hard on their respective basketball teams.

Over the weekend, the boys went off on all sorts of adventures. Jero and Emilio braved the extreme spring conditions on a wet and wild ski trip.

Once the boys all got back, we had a very nice dinner out with out sister house, Timmis. Don Mee’s is a famous restaurant in Victoria’s historic china tow and a good time was had by all.

This Sunday, the boys played their heart out at housegames. Floor hockey was in the gym and a “Fear Factor” competition was outside in the sun.

This was capped off by a delicious and fun community dinner in Brown Hall. Lets see what next week brings…

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