Everything is going on.

Campus is so beautiful now. The early warm weather is in full effect and Victoria’s famous cherry blossoms are now out – if fact they are starting to fade. The warm weather has been perfect for Bolton’s athletes. The rugby boys have been aching to get out and play after months of practice and have not disappoint with a series of brave tackles, rigorous rucks, excellent tries (touchdowns) and a good number of victories. John, Sean, Diego, Ted, Artem, Mehrab, Dimitri and Christian have been ripping up the pitch, Other boys, along with the rest of the school were out to cheer. Rowing has also started some matches with a small regatta. Max, Brad and John were able to attend this weekend.

Meanwhile, indoors, Hank is excited that the badminton team is firing up with practices. We look forward to seeing their accomplishments. Also in the gym was the more frivolous, school-wide Olympic week, as shown in these pictures.

Bolton boys were equally busy in the arts. The New Extremes photography workshop culminated this week. Diego, Joel and Timmy got a full rage of experiences from a local photographer who took them on a tour of a dark room and showed them how to make cyanotype images. They then all met at the Art Gallery of Victoria for the grand opening of an art show that featured their photos as prints and photo books.

This week Timmy (yes he is a busy guy) was also involved in music making in the community. Below is a photo of him writing a song of his own with mentor-ship from Bolton houseparent and internationally renowned conductor Peter Butterfield. Jack and Edward already had their own songs written and the three of them were joined by a Timmis girl and chaperoned by Bolton houseparent Jake to a guitar writer’s workshop at the Long and McQuade music store. It was an interesting experience where they worked on their musical style and strumming style.

Laurent was heartbroken that he could not attend. Sometimes there are just too many opportunities and students have to pick and choose. Laurent was already one of the performers in the Middle School production of the Wizard or Oz. Here he is, stonewalling the Tin Man.

Meanwhile the usual activities carried on. Christian enjoyed his art class. David X organised a movie trip for his fellow grade nines. Saturday activities took students to the local aquarium, among other places.

It is hard to believe that we are already at Spring Break! Before we sign off I hope to add a post about Christian, Derry, and Peter’s accomplishments as diplomats at the model UN in Victoria this past weekend.

Until then… Go Bo!

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