Study, create, play, breathe, repeat…

Spring is a great time for the athletes in Bolton House. Not only is the sun shining on any field play, but there are a great many different sports to choose from. Laurent is seen here during a recent Middle School Badminton tournament.

At the same time, Laurent, along with Abdul and Stanley, had artwork featured in the Independent Schools Association (ISA) Annual Art Show. Here you can see their creative work, which was showcased with art from several other schools in the region.

Meanwhile, at the Senior Campus, classes moved forward, steadily, towards the end of year and exams. Here are some pictures of Edward and Jacky working diligently on their socials assignment.

It was generally a quiet weekend in boarding. Many Bolton Boys were busy studying for APs. Many were off at a rowing regatta. Some cheered on the field as our Senior Girls won the ISA Soccer Tournament. It was wonderful that so many went out for boarding activities that took advantage of the beautiful landscape we live in, and the tasty ice-cream nearby!

With Alumni Weekend coming up, and APs so close, it was nice to be able to take a breath.

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