Out with the old, in with the new!

This has been a very busy week for all, but particularly our grade 11 boys, as the school held the annual elections for Head Boy, School Prefects, Head of House, House Prefect and, Council and Club Heads.  It was a stressful week for the Bolton boys as they awaited final word on who would lead the house into the 2015-2016 school year as well as who would represent the house in a variety of other positions.  We are very proud of all of our grade 11 boys who took a chance and threw their hats into the ring.  From running for School Prefect and Council Heads to their excellent and heartfelt speeches for Head of House, each of them took the time to consider what it meant to be a leader and to discover what they had to offer the greater community.  A big thank you to this year’s leaders who have done so much for the school and we are very excited to welcome Timmy as Head of House and Dimitri as Boarding Prefect for next year.  Well done boys!

Christian had a busy week with the Junior Rugby Team who lost a heartbreaking City Championship game to arch rival Oak Bay.  They went on to finish 5th on the island after playing two very talented teams in the final tournament.  Meanwhile, Dimitri and Diego were busy training and playing for the senior boys’ team that won the city championship and is well poised to make a run for the Provincial title next week.


Max and John have been partaking in early morning training sessions on the water in preparation for the National Championship in early June in Ontario.

Hank is headed to Vancouver to participate in the Badminton Provincial Tournament while David X. participated in the Jr. Tennis Provincial Tournament and is off again next week for the Sr. Tournament.

Friday saw the school participating in their annual Walk for Water to raise awareness and funds for a community in Africa supported by SMUS.  Joel soaked the future Head Boy in the dunk tank, Hank made us proud with his watermelon eating prowess, DJ Diego spun the tunes and many of the boys lugged the big bottles of water in a friendly competition to see who could do the most laps.


Saturday saw the entire house headed to ALL FUN Amusement Park where they raced in Go Karts, played mini golf and gobbled up a variety of tasty treats.

House Games and the SMOScars rounded out a busy weekend with a wide variety of games and a very entertaining musical presentation!  The boys slipped, slid, tugged, threw, used their brains and dressed up.  The rendition of the ever popular Spice Girls was certainly a highlight!

The final dinner was a wonderful opportunity to bring the whole community together in a fun and tasty event.  The House Cup winners were presented and a number of fun awards were given out including Anderson’s musical virtuosity and Diego for having gone five years without ever getting assigned a Friday Night Prep!

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