Welcome to Bolton!

Welcome to our new Bolton families, and welcome back to those that are returning. This is Bolton House’s regular blog about what we have been up to each week. It is incredible that it has only been one week since the boys have arrived. We have been keeping very busy and the smiling faces, I hope, speak for themselves.

To start, here are a few pictures that sum up some major themes. Below are Joel and Mike, roommates from opposites sides of the earth, meeting each other for the first time. The panorama shot is of our full building meeting – yes we have had lots of meetings to learn each other’s names and the house routines; here are the Bolton and Timmis “siblings” learning some basic campus expectations and opportunities. The picture on the stairs is of our gang of grade 8s and their adult advisers, all about to go out for a nice dinner on Friday. The last photo is something we never get used to, the stunning sunsets on our beautiful campus.

The action started when the Grade 12s arrived early to prepare to welcome the boys back. They brainstormed and collaborated to come up with a set of house guidelines to live by. These matched nicely with our house motto :Brotherhood. Honour. Strength. The seniors also decorated the house to welcome the boys and met with them on their first day on campus. The next day, when the returning boarders arrived, we had a big fun soccer match, a tradition in Bolton since 1991.

Another tradition is the building picnic at the local Willows Beach. This was a great chance to socialize, play volleyball (or bocce or kubb or soccer), eat some treats or just enjoy the view. All the houseparents and families came out too and a great time was had by all.

The tranquility of Saturday afternoon was contrasted with the fierce but fun competition of Housegames on Sunday. They Bolton Boys sported their gold and played their hardest at a series of silly games well suited to the warm weather.

Every “campus weekend” we have a range of activities and Housegames is followed by a Community Dinner (Appy Theme, this week) and Chapel. Boarder’s chapel is a special time, with its own traditions, and concerns itself with issues that might effect boarders specifically.

One message that we stress with boarders at this time of year is – get involved! Being involved reduces homesickness, makes one healthier, reduces screen time, fosters friendship, improves language skills and generally takes advantage of our privileged situation. There are so many ways to be engaged and active at SMUS. This week, many boys were out for rugby, soccer, rowing and cross-country tryouts – and even more were active at the annual SMUS Clubs and Council fair. This is a chance for all Senior School students to see what opportunities are out there, talk to the students who are already participating and sign-up themselves.

In the following weeks we will have much more to share. We will also soon send messages from each houseparent so you can get to know us better. Until then… Go Bo!

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