Week 2 and so much to do!

Our second week of school saw some exciting adventures for our grade 10’s as they were on out trips around the province, the grade 8 and 9’s went to Salt Spring for the Fall Fair, while the older grades were busy with athletics, councils and getting to know each other a bit better.

All of the Bolton Boys took some time last week to get know one a other in more depth, particularly their roommates, as they worked together in a workshop put on by the Senior House Parents.

The entire grade 10 class departed for their out trips on Tuesday. We had Bolton boys doing everything from white-water kayaking and scuba diving to surfing, hiking and sailing. Here is Adrian aboard the SALTS ship sailing through the Gulf Islands and Bryan trying his hand at fly fishing, kayaking, sailing and hiking Mt. Finlayson.

On Saturday, the grade 8 and 9 students took the ferry to beautiful Salt Spring Island for the Fall Fair.  All accounts report a raucous bus ride with much merriment and fun had by all.  The weather was beautiful and there was a wide array of food to sample, artisans to buy and music to hear.  Here are Harry, Laurent, Conner, Stanley, Garry, Emilio, Mikhail and Aoi enjoying the ferry ride.  Meanwhile, Eric, Richard, Mauricio and Jesus take a break from checking out all the stands at the fair.

Many of the older students were busy trying out for and playing on teams including Hassan who made his soccer debut in the ISA Tournament on Friday.

Sunday morning saw the Boarding community empty as every student and staff member participated in the annual Terry Fox Run along Dallas road.  It was a wet and dreary morning unfortunately, but it seemed fitting given the struggle that Terry Fox had so many years ago as he ran across Canada.  The boys did a wonderful job of running and walking and not even the rain could dampen their spirits.  Even young Cleo Bateman made the journey zipping along on her scooter!  .

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