A busy two weeks!

The last two weeks have been action packed!

Students have had a chance to build their very own shoe racks, try out motocross, attend a UVic Vikes basketball game, make dream catchers, explore Mount Doug and try orienteering, visit Miniature World, and do some environmental service on Mt. Tolmie by pulling invasive Scotch Broom.

Some of our students also had a unique experience of traveling to Vancouver to witness a rare meeting of the Toronto Raptors and the Los Angeles Clippers in Rogers Arena. The Raptors won over the Clippers in an exciting game!

We acquired a volleyball net for the house and set it up to enjoy some of the sun before winter weather sets in.

This last week also saw the grade 11s away on their various outtrips. Some of our students went rock climbing, scuba diving, did environmental service on Saltspring Island, hiking on Forbidden Plateau, and to the Shawnigan EcoVillage. We only have a few photos below:

We look forward to Thanksgiving this weekend and the break that it offers us to relax and spend time with friends and family!

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