Giving thanks and giving their all

These past two weeks have been full of tradition as the weather turns cooler. Before the long weekend we had our long-standing Thanksgiving Dinner. For this meal the tradition is the that houseparents serve the students. Everyone was dressed formally but eating “family style”, some people trying stuffing and apple pie for the first time! You will notice photos below of the staff being informed on how to serve the students as well as the “gratitude leaves” that the students made to reflect what they are thankful for.

On the same fall theme there have been some rustic and bucolic trips on the weekends. Here is a shot of Ranon and some buddies out at the pumpkin patch.

This past Sunday was our first competitive housegames. The boys played with amazing spirit and energy in soccer, pictionary, billiards and foosball.

After housegames a dedicated group of boys from Bolton House hosted the first student organised Community Dinner. Special thanks to Ranon for leading this and thank you to Mr. Daum for offering the boys guidance and logistics. The theme was Halloween Dinner and definitely got us in the mood for the creepy holiday to come. There is always something fun on the horizon in boarding – and we will keep you posted!

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